Monday, July 27, 2009

Seward Alaska


Sunday, July 26, 2009                                                                                                         Lorraine’s Report

Another week in Alaska and we’re still having fun, in spite of all the rain these past four days. We are in Seward, we came in on Wednesday and it started raining on the way in here, and has stopped for only a few hours at a time. Now I remember why I left Alaska so many years ago. The temperatures have been in the mid 50’s, getting down to the high 40’s to low 50’s at night, and this is summer!

Last Sunday, Dorothy and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at the local movie theater in Soldotna. Chuck and Rob went fishing, and were skunked. I had put on a big ham and rolls and the other two gals, Dorothy (brought veggies and pie and carrot cake) and Norma (brought scalloped potatoes) and we had Mark and Sue and Bob and Vicki over for dinner. We all had a great time and good food.

Monday, Chuck and Rob went fishing with Mark and Vicki, the gals and I went shopping in Soldotna; all enjoyed themselves.

Tuesday, Chuck and Rob went fishing, Chuck caught 2; and the gals went to get our hair done, Norma and Dorothy had hair cuts, I had mine colored. Norma made up a big dish of lasagna for all of us.

Wednesday, we moved out of our spots and Mark/Sue and Bob/Vicki moved right into the same spots in Soldotna. That RV Park was full most of the time; they only charged $20.00 a day for 50 amp, water and sewer, a great deal. We drove the two hour drive to Seward and came into this campground, Stoney Creek RV Park. We have 50 amp, water and sewer.  We set up, then drove to Seward and went to the Seward Marine Life Aquarium.  What a great exhibit they have there.

Thursday we drove up to Exit Glacier and walked the trail up to the glacier. Several of the group went all the way up to the toe of the glacier. It was a wet and cold day. I had put on a big pot of chicken noodle soup, with rolls, apple pie and ice cream for all six of us, a nice dinner for the end of a cold, wet day.

Friday, Chuck and Rob found out about fishing trips out on the water here in Seward; the silvers or Coho are coming in right now. The group of five decided to go out Saturday afternoon for five hours to try their luck. The gals went shopping in Seward; we all had a blast, we found hats for all of us wear on the fishing trip, (to go with the matching coats we all bought in Homer). We then went to the Elks lodge for hamburgers and drinks for dinner.

Saturday, the five hearty fishermen (Chuck, Rob, Norma, Tom and Dorothy) went out on a local charter, Aurora Charters, for five hours of fishing. They caught 10 silver salmon, Chuck catching 4, Rob-2, Dorothy-2, Tom-2 and Norma loosing her two she hooked, but didn’t get into the boat. They all had a great time, even though it was rough waters, and a few felt queasy, and were all cold and wet. We took the catch over to a local processor to have it shrink wrapped and flash frozen. It will be great to have fresh fish later on in the year. I took care of the dogs and went shopping, picking up a couple of things I had seen.

So that was our week. I hope this finds all well. Till next time…….Lorraine


7/26/09                                                                                                                                 Chuck’s Report

I think I will  let some of the pictures Lorraine has taken this week do the talking!!

Some jars of Sockeye that Sue canned, looks good.


Flowers grow well with all the sunlight.  The last are fireweed, grows wild everywhere and looks nice.

DSCN6938 DSCN7314

 DSCN6959  DSCN7258 DSCN7259

Another bridge over the river.


Pictures of Seward, that’s crab pot buoys in the tree, looks like it’s decorated for Christmas.

DSCN6997 DSCN7263 DSCN7001DSCN7266

DSCN7359 DSCN7005



I always thought the Iditarod dog race started in Anchorage but here’s where it starts.


Lots of cruise ships have scheduled stops in Seward, here’s one. 


The weather has been like this for most of our time here, wish it would clear up so we could see the mountains and glaciers better.


A waterfall at the end of town


We drove up to Exit glacier, some pictures on the way up, while there and back.   That’s the glacier in the distance and the river of water coming down.

DSCN7170  DSCN7190

A large water fall and all of us together.

DSCN7199 DSCN7189

Lorraine with the glacier in background, we have another 3/4 mile to walk. 


Getting close, wow what a blue color.

 DSCN7211  DSCN7233

Notice the water coming from the hole in the glacier.

DSCN7234 DSCN7235 DSCN7238

The beginning of the river, it drops lots of silt here.  The glacier was about the end of the curve in 1968. 

DSCN7236 DSCN7240 DSCN7241

Rob point to a tree where a moose has been rubbing it’s antlers.


Pictures from the Seward Science Center.  We all liked the Puffins and jelly fish.

RSCN7109 DSCN7088


DSCN7019 DSCN7021  RSCN7107 RSCN7108   DSCN7131DSCN7134 DSCN7138 DSCN7032


DSCN7054 DSCN7055 RSCN7099DSCN7057 DSCN7078 DSCN7080 DSCN7096

We now have matching coats and hats!


  Our afternoon of fishing, notice the weather when we left. 





Dorothy and the first fish she has ever caught, nice size silver salmon.



That’s our fish in the wheel barrow and hanging on the hooks.


DSCN7418 DSCN7420

The boat captain cleaning our catch. 


This morning we found Wayne and Marynell’s coach, they are in a campground in Seward.  They were out on a cruise so we didn’t get to talk to them.  I think they leave here tomorrow morning, not sure if we will get a chance to visit or not.  If we don’t, have a good time folks. 

We plan on staying here until Wednesday morning then we head out to Anchorage for a few days.  We need to re-supply  and stock up before we then head up to Fairbanks.  I know there are salmon in the Anchorage area, not sure if we will get another chance to fish or not, sure hope so. 

So until next time - - - - Chuck