Saturday, January 26, 2013

We’re in Yuma, AZ

Sunday  Jan. 27, 2013                                                                                                    Lorraine’s report

Hello from Yuma, AZ.  Yes, we did Quartzsite, and yes we made it through to the end, or at least we thought we had had enough and wanted to move on, a week without power, water or sewer is long enough. 

Q was a lot of fun; we enjoyed visiting with good friends, Mark/Sue from LA, Steve/Sandy from Oak Harbor, WA, Rob/Norma from Pender Island, BC, Barb/Dennis from Squamish, BC and Richard/Patsy from Victoria, Texas and all the others to numerous to mention. 

Everyone had a nice time, it was fun to see everyone, to share in the escapades and enjoy each others company.  It was fun to go to the Tiffin Rally, but I didn’t get to meet everyone there, just too many rigs-there were about 25 to 30 rigs-that was before we moved over to RV America. 

Thanks to Mark & Sue for trying to get us all together, but with dogs , we all have to be apart here in Yuma.   Nice try though.

We will enjoy this week, going into Mexico to the dentist and shopping.   For now that is all from me…Still not recovered from the after effects of the migraine I had yesterday.  Until next time…



1/27/12                                                                                                                                          Chuck’s report

We had a great week camping with some of our friends who were at Quartzsite and it’s continued with five couples who came down to Yuma at the same RV park.  Mark/Sue and Dennis/Barb are parked in a different area than Steve/Sandy, Rob/Norma and us as the three of us have dogs and they don’t.

Last Sunday we moved from parking with our Tiffin group to RV America group.  We’ve been getting together with the RV America group since ‘08 and have made some good friends with them.  Steve and Sandy decided to come over when we moved too.

The first spot we picked out was a little distance from the main group as we didn’t want to be near their camp fire plus we could get faced in the direction we needed to be able to watch football on our outside TV.  So after we got set up we walked over and met with the group who were there.  We hadn’t met any of these folks before, they were either there for their first or second time and we were not down last year to meet them then. 

We had a couple of hours before the games started so we went over to the “big tent” to scope things out.  There was way too many people walking the isles so we didn’t stay too long but returned back to the rig and watched the two football games. 

On Monday morning we moved over to park near the group.  After getting set up we went back into town to a different area, Tyson Wells, where we walked thru most of the isles.  It appeared there were not as many vendors as in the past years and that turned out to be the case in most of the areas this year.  It may be the economy or the increase in rents they have to pay the city, I don’t know.  But there are fewer vendors in all the areas we went to this year.

Just about the time we were talking about heading back to the rigs, we got a call from our friends Rob/Norma who were traveling with Dennis/Barb from Canada.  They wanted to get directions and it happened they were coming down the road we were at, just about 200 yards or so away.  We gave them directions and met them as they passed by us, good timing.

They had to go to the ranger station, check in, pay then go to the dump station and take on fresh water before they would come back to where we were parked.  We hung around the vendor area for a short while and as we were driving back we got another call from Rob who wanted us to guide them to where we were staying, good timing once again. 

We met them and they followed us through the paths and through one gully and directed them to where they could set up.  We had a good time visiting with them then left them to finish their set up.  Soon they were set up and we all got together for our normal 5:00 Happy Hour with all the gals bringing food for all. 

On Tuesday we headed back to the big tent, it was still crowded but not as bad as on Sunday afternoon.  I wanted to pick up a couple of items and do some research on an new tire pressure monitoring system.  There were four or five different systems for me to check out, none were the same as the one we’ve used for the past 5 years.  The new ones gave pressure and temperature from each tire to the monitor in the rig.  The one we had only showed pressure and it was time to replace the batteries in each sensor to the tune of $50 each.  With 10 monitors, that would be $500 and all the new ones were cheaper to buy a whole new system, therefore the needed research. 

They had systems with consumer replaceable batteries, needed each year or sealed versions that had to be sent back for battery replacement every 5 or 6 years for $20 each.  They had sensors that allowed flow through them to add air when needed or others that required the removal of the sensor to add air. 

Steve, Mark and Richard were considering buying a new system as well so I was also trying to get a discount if we all purchased a system.  So with all that, I got some brochures so I could look them over back at the rig.  Soon enough it was time for our 5:00 happy hour so once again we all set around and visited with each other. 

The first person we met here 6 years ago, Mike, had been in Los Angles with his significant other, Linda, waiting for her daughter to deliver a new grand child.  Mike said he was leaving to come to Quartzsite if the baby wasn’t born and Linda was to stay there to help out after.  So Mike showed up a bit before the happy hour, got set up and found out his refrigerator was not working on electric or propane.  

We had problems with our fridge earlier this year and ended up changing it out to a residential type.  But before we changed it out, I had learned a bit about them and soon realized what the problem was, the recall he had completed on it included as box that would shut down all power if it sensed high temperature.  There was a batch of bad boxes that were shutting everything down with a false indication and I knew how to reset the box.  As soon as I got it reset, the fridge started working so they didn’t loose anything from the fridge or freezer.  Mike was very thankful but that’s just what RVers do, help one another the same as Mark had helped us earlier. 

After the happy hour and after the sun set, the temperatures started dropping enough that we didn’t stay outside for too long but separated into someone’s rig to play cards or just visit.  Lorraine and I learned a new card game called 99 and played many of the old favorites too. 

Next day it was off to the tent and other vendors once again.  By now I had pretty well narrowed down the choice of the monitoring system and just had a few questions to ask the vendors.  It wasn’t long before Steve and I had settled on the one we wanted.  Mark and Richard decided to keep the systems they had and not buy a new one.  So Steve and I made the best deal we could and bought ours.  We ended up buying the TST system without consumer replaceable batteries. 

That night at the happy hour, Mark kept us entertained by telling jokes.  A few others around the circle told some too, a good time was had by all.  Later, Lorraine and I went back to our rig and took it easy for the rest of night.

I hooked up the new monitoring system and got all the high and low parameters sets.  Later I helped Steve set his up but it appeared he had two sensors that were not working.  He returned the bad sensors back to the vendor and got two new ones.  But even with the new sensors, his system wasn’t working right, he was about ready to return the whole thing and get his money back. 

Friday morning folks started leaving our area and heading out.  Steve needed to go back and get his system working right and we had a repairman scheduled to do some maintenance on our heating system so we told the others we would catch up with then in Yuma. 

Steve finally got to the bottom of his problem, it appears they had two different versions of the same system and he had parts from both and they didn’t play well together.  They gave him a whole new system, checked it out and set all his parameters right at their display area and everything worked as well as my system did, yea. 

The repairman finished with our maintenance so as soon as Steve/Sandy were ready, we took off for our RV park here in Yuma.  Mark/Sue got here first and had them save five spots together but like I said earlier, those of us with dogs had to park in the pet area so it ended up three here and two there. 

Most of the places we stay have folks who will wash/wax your rig for you, Yuma is no exception.  Plus we’ve found it to be cheaper here than other places.  As we were returning from the check in, we saw the folks waxing a rig.  We stopped and asked them to come over and talk with us about doing ours too. 

The boss came over and soon we all agreed to have our rigs washed and waxed the next day.  I called Mark to let him know and he already had them working on his, ha.  But it was getting cloudy and soon it started to rain so they had to quit for the day without finishing his. 

After we got set up, Sue invited us over to their place for dinner, Tortilla soup and desert.  Lorraine brought over some chips and dip and once again we had a good time.  Mark once again kept us entertained with exploits of his camping life.  It was later than normal when we called it a night and headed back to our place but once again we had a good time.

It rained all night Friday night and was still raining on Saturday so the folks who were going to wash and wax our rigs cancelled.  But they will get us either later today or on Monday, no problem for us. 

Because none of us had to stay around because of the wash folks, we all decided to head out the Yuma Swap meet or Arizona marketplace.  This is another place where vendors have booths set up and lots of RVers come by to check out their stuff.  Once again the number of vendors was way down compared to earlier years.  But there was still lots of the same things to check out.  I think most of us found a few items we just couldn’t live without but no one came away overloaded. 

After we left there, we stopped by the indoor swap meet but they had most of the same stuff as the outdoor one and their prices were higher too.  Just about the time we were getting ready to meet up, Lorraine developed a migraine headache.  She stopped, sat down and took her pills for it then we returned to the car to wait for Steve and Sandy.  They followed us very soon after and we all returned back to our rigs.  Lorraine went into the bedroom and laid down in the dark but her migraine didn’t get any better so she doubled up on her pills.  Soon she fell asleep and when she woke up, her migraine was better but she was wiped out so we just stayed home for the rest of the night.  She went to bed very early and got up at normal time, she had to be very tired to sleep that much. 

One thing about being in the desert at Quartzsite without any hookups, the rig got dirty and the dirty clothes piled up.  I think Lorraine has done 7 loads of laundry in the one plus day we’ve been here plus she’s dusted the whole inside of the coach.  Guess it’s no wonder she’s so tired. 

The weather had been getting warmer each day while we were in Quartzsite and on Friday it got up into the 70s before it clouded up and started raining.  Saturday the temperature got to the low 70s and the rains stopped just before noon but it remained cloudy until just before sundown.  The forecast is for warmer weather throughout the week, maybe even getting into the 80s with plenty of sunshine too, just what we were looking forward to.

We paid for a week when we checked in and are still trying to work out our schedule for the next couple of months.  We may stay here for a full month as they have a monthly rate that makes it attractive to stay here that long.  We haven’t spent any time in the Phoenix area with our coach so we want to got here and check out that area too.  Plus there is always Tucson area to check out too, whew, lots of choices and decisions to make.  But I don’t think we can make a bad decision, the weather should be good anywhere we go and who knows who we will meet.  Ah, what a life!!!

Now to add some pictures and get this posted. 

Sunrise one morning while at Quartzsite. 

DSCN2312 DSCN2313

DSCN2314 DSCN2315

DSCN2316 DSCN2317

DSCN2318 DSCN2319

DSCN2320 DSCN2321


Next morning, not as much red however.  That’s our coach in the picture on the right. 

 DSCN2323 DSCN2328

DSCN2329 DSCN2330

DSCN2331 DSCN2332

On the drive from Q to Yuma. 

DSCN2335 DSCN2341

DSCN2342 DSCN2343

DSCN2346 DSCN2348

Ok, now let’s get this posted.


Thanks   Chuck




Sunday, January 20, 2013

We’re in Quartzsite, AZ


January 20, 2013                                                                                                                     Lorraine’s report

Hello from Quartzsite, AZ.  What a nice day we have had.  It was nice to see all our other friends from other parts of the country.  It has been a while and it’s good to see that we are all aging quite well.

Richard & Patsy were the first ones to get us to come to Quartzsite, AZ. back in 2007.   Chuck had put out something on the Forum and he was the first to respond to him.  Thanks Richard, your first invite helped us meet some of the really nicest people we have met in our travels.  We appreciate all your many kindnesses and help.

We loved seeing Mark and Sue from Louisiana too.  We had fun with you in Alaska, has it been since 09?  Of course, not having Sandy of Steve & Sandy would be unthinkable. Sandy has so much to offer. 

Now it is on to our friends from BC and the rest of RV America.  They will be in to Q tomorrow.  Sharon and Virgil came in tonight.  It will be a lot of fun to visit with everyone.

We want to wish our good friend, Dave & Sandy of MN all the best with his health problems.  Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you. 

We hope you all have a great week….

See you down the road….


1/20/13                                                                                                                                           Chuck’s report

Yes, we’re in the warmer weather now!  Feel sorry for those who can’t leave and are stuck in the cold.  My aunt called from Minnesota yesterday and said it was forecasted to get to –20F tonight, way too cold for this guy.

We had a good week last week, was able to just take it easy for a couple of days too.  Last Sunday we watched the Seattle Seahawks come from behind to go ahead with 30 seconds left in the game.  We were celebrating a bit too soon, however, as they went into their prevent defense and allowed Atlanta to come back and win the game with a field goal.  But considering what our expectations for them was at the beginning of the season, they did great.  I’m sitting here now watching San Francisco 49er’s playing at Atlanta and the game is very similar to last weeks’ game in the fact that Atlanta sprinted out to a large lead but let the 49ers come back and they are making a game of it now. 

We had been unable to get satellite TV at the 1000 Trails park in Palm Springs, my thinking (hoping) was we might be having trouble getting a good view through the palm trees.  So we were watching over the air programing and DVD movies and season one and two of Married with Children, I couldn’t even remember seeing those episodes before. 

On Tuesday we drove over to Hemet to see Joe/Alice for the day.  Last time we were there they took us to a casino where we enjoyed what may have been our best buffet since we’ve been on the road so guess what was on our plans!  We visited with them for awhile then took off to the Pala Casino and its buffet.  I must say, the buffet didn’t disappoint us, I still say it’s one of the best.  And Lorraine and Joe both left with some of the casino’s money too, what a deal.

We left Palm Springs on Thursday, looking forward to seeing our friends from around the nation who were coming to Quartzsite too.  Our biggest disappointment was we didn’t get to meet up with Tom/Dorothy while we were there, sorry about that guys.  We’ll probably be back there in early April and hope we can do better then. 

We got to where we were going here in Quartzsite shortly after 1, got set up and visited with our friends, Richard/Patsy from Texas, Mark/Sue who are full timers from Louisiana and others who were already there.  This group was mostly all Tiffin motor home owners, I think about 25 rigs all together.  Shortly after we got set up our friends Steve/Sandy came in from  the Phoenix area too.  We did miss seeing our friends Manual/Connie from Texas and Dave/Sandy  from Minnesota who didn’t make the trip this year.  I met a couple on Sunday who were in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, flew to Las Vegas and drove their coach from there, guess you could say they traveled the farthest, especially in one day. 

We are all parked in the middle of the desert with way over 100,000 other rigs from across the nation but there is so much area that no one needs to be crowed.  Some folks say there are over 1.5 million visitors in this area who are here for the big RV week.  And the town is only 2500 full time residents but then, I wouldn’t like to live here in the summer, it gets too hot then. 

We are parked without any utilities, we rely on the fresh water we brought with us and our generators for power.  There is a place to dump our holding tanks and take on fresh water but only one place for all the folks who are here, sometimes the wait can be over 4 hours to dump because so many folks are waiting. 

We had a meet and greet with everyone on Friday, all the folks brought appetizers and such so we set around the circle and did what RVers do best, we visited and ate. 

On Saturday the “big tent” opened but we try to stay away on opening day as it is usually way too crowed.  Instead we rode with Steve/Sandy into town and went to other parts of the flea market.  There are about 5 different areas and we went into parts of three of them before we had enough and returned back to our rigs. 

After we got back we had a big pot luck dinner with all the folks who were parked with us.  Once again we did our best to be good RVers, you know, visit and eat.  Both nights after dinner we went to someone's coach to continue visiting or play card games.  Mark/Sue taught us a new card came, 99 and let us win too, thanks!

This morning we had “breakfast in a bag” with the group.  Everyone put what they wanted for an omelet into their own quart freezer bag. added two or three eggs to the bag and mixed everything up.  The bags were put into a pot of boiling water for 13 minutes and when they were opened it was as good as an omelet cooked on the stove. 

After breakfast Lorraine and I decided to pack up and move over to a different area and be with a different group of folks who we’ve met with every year we’ve been down here, since ‘08  in fact.  This group is the ones we met the first year we came down and have tried to be with them every year since.  Of course, we weren’t not here last winter due to that four letter word, work.  We drove over to see if anyone was in the area yesterday but didn’t find anyone we knew but they are on the way, at least that’s what we heard. 

We stopped at the dump to empty our holding tanks and fill our fresh water tank.  We lucked out, there was only three rigs ahead of us so it was only a 20 minute wait.  So here we are, in a new area, waiting for friends to show up but we have a full fresh water and empty holding tanks, good for another few days.  Steve/Sandy also brought their rig over and are parked next to us in our new area.  We are expecting our friends from Canada to arrive tomorrow, looking forward to that too, hurry on in you guys. 

I mentioned earlier about our satellite reception problem, neither TV was getting a signal.  Like I said, I thought it might be because of the palm trees but once we got here and set up, with no trees in sight, we still didn’t have any signal.  Lucky for me, our friend Mark is a very good “handyman” with electrical, TV, mechanical, woodworking, metalworking and just about any other job around the rig that needs to be done.  I didn’t hesitate to ask him to look ours over and see what he thought.  Long story short, it ended up being a cable had shaken loose behind the front TV and we never did understand why but he even got the rear TV to work too. 

While we had him in the coach, I also had him check an electrical problem we’ve had with two outlets in the bedroom not working.  Once again, he jumped right in and tore things apart and found another loose wire, this one inside a connector of some sort.  He was able to wire around this connector and everything works good once again. 

Now I’m very grateful of Mark’s help, especially since he was able to fix all the problems listed above.  I told him I would buy dinner for him and Sue that night, in fact, they could have anything and all they wanted.  But they caught on too quick, they remembered we were having pot luck for dinner so now I will be taking them out when we get to Yuma, too quick there too Mark.  But seriously, thanks for your help, we both appreciate it very much. 

The weather has been pretty nice this past week.  When we were in Palm Springs we were still in the last of the cold spell that hit the Southwest over the past month.  But by Tuesday the days started getting warmer a bit each day and not quite as cold at night either.  Now here in Arizona, the days are full of sunshine, a slight breeze all day with temperatures in the high 60s to low 70s.  The nighttime temperatures are still getting cold but that’s due to being in the desert with no clouds.  I’ll take this over what others are getting, that’s for sure. 

Our plans are not set yet but we know we will be in Yuma before the 28th.  We don’t know when we will leave here but it’s only a few hours drive so we could leave next Sunday if we want to stay here that long.  We are planning on being in the Yuma area for a week or 10 days before heading on further East.  We don’t have any reservations anywhere for the remainder of the winter/early spring, we just have to be back in the Bay area in mid April for our grand daughter’s birthday and we will make doctor visits while we are there. 

I don’t think Lorraine took too many pictures this past week but I’ll go through the SD card and see what I can add here. 

Part of the drive from Palm Springs, CA. to Quartzsite, AZ/

DSCN2236 DSCN2238

DSCN2244 DSCN2245

DSCN2247 DSCN2248

The Colorado River at the border between CA and AZ.

DSCN2251 DSCN2253

DSCN2255 DSCN2258

Can’t see them very well but there are lots of rigs in the distance on the left.  The right shows the big tent, filled full of RV stuff. 

DSCN2260 DSCN2267 

With our friends at the Tiffin Rally. 

DSCN2269 DSCN2270

DSCN2272 DSCN2275

DSCN2278 DSCN2279


Sunset from Tiffin Rally area. 

DSCN2284 DSCN2285

DSCN2287 DSCN2293

That’s all Tiffins motor home, pictures taken by Steve from the roof of his motor home. 

DSCN2294 DSCN2295


Sunset from our new spot, taken this evening. 

 DSCN2302 DSCN2303

Oh yea, the moon is out too. 


Ok, guess I’ll close and get this posted. 

Thanks   Chuck