Sunday, February 27, 2011

We’re in Birch Bay, Washington


Sunday, February 27, 2011                                                                                                                                           Lorraine’s report

Hello from our destination, Latitude 49, Joe & Alice’s RV lot in brrrr cold Birch Bay, WA. Last night we came home from dinner out in a snow storm; it snowed about 1-2 inches or so and all of the roads were covered, with the bridges being extremely slippery.

Well, as usual our week was busy. Last Sunday we were in Woodburn, OR, at the RV Park there by the outlet mall. We had errands to run after Chuck worked on trying to fix the lights in the bathroom. We had dinner in and watched some of the new movies I had been picking up these past months.

We left Woodburn the next morning and started north. Portland had heavy traffic as usual, but the day was sunny and bright. We crossed the Columbia River and saw the “Entering Washington” sign-welcome home. We pulled into Angel of the Winds Casino around 2:30 or so, which is just north of Marysville. The weather was deteriorating, starting to rain with the wind blowing and the temperatures were swiftly dropping.

We set up, and again Chuck worked on the lights as well as the hydro hot heater. We went inside Angel to eat, with me having the all you can eat Dungeness Crab/seafood buffet and Chuck having a burger. I surely missed the great Dungeness Crab they have here in the Pacific NW. Other buffets have snow crab and such, but they just don’t compare with our Dungeness. We played a bit at the machines after dinner: I went up; not so for Chuck.

Tuesday we woke up to a cold snowy morning. It had snowed on us overnight about an inch or so, and it was still snowing when we packed up and left. It was challenging bringing in the slides, with the frozen snow/ice on them. But after bringing them in and out several times and Chuck outside knocking off the excess snow, we were successful. It was still snowing when we got to the freeway, but stopped just at Mt. Vernon. From there on, the roads were clear and dry.

We stopped at Al’s RV Repair Shop in Bellingham at 10:30 so Larry could look at the hydro hot. While we waited for the news on the rig, we ran around looking for the anti freeze Chuck uses in it; we should have gotten more in Yuma. It was $7.00 a gallon there, it is $25.00 here at different places.

Well, the news on the hydro hot is that it needs to be taken out, taken to a welding shop, repaired and put back in. Or, we can buy a new one at a cost of $2600.00, plus labor which is $90.00 an hour, and the man thinks it could take up to 5-7 hours to do that. Either way it will be expensive.

Larry looked at the lights in the bathroom and thought it is a ground some where, but since it was getting to be late in the afternoon, we let that go. Our friend, Tim who was an electrician before he retired, said he would work on it after his friend came north.

So after we paid the bill, we continued on to Latitude 49. What a nice area we will be staying at for the next few months. Thanks again, Joe and Alice for letting us use your spare lot. We set up and spent another night home, enjoying another movie.

Wednesday found us heading into Bellingham for a few things. Chuck picked up another ceramic heater since the weather report was for lows in the teens for the nights, with highs in the 20’s, and the northeaster blowing out of the Canadian Frazier Valley up to 45 mph. I restocked the everyday food we needed. I made up a pot of chicken noodle soup for dinner, since it was so cold outside.

Thursday Chuck had his physical that morning, with fasting for blood work, so he went in early. His appointment for all of it was for 10 am, but since he was in early for blood work, they did it all at that time, and came home earlier than I expected.

He finished up and then we headed back into Bellingham to find a Laundromat that had a big machine so we could wash the big rug in the living room. Misty had been ill the previous night and had made a big mess of the rug. Chuck called her vet and we stopped by his office for medicine for her. She is better now and starting to act like her old self.

We came home and I had forgotten that I needed to change my health care options, since I will be 65 this August. The enrollment for BP Aetna ended February 25, so I had to complete it all before that. The gal on the phone was very helpful answering my questions about the changes that were going to happen with the plan I needed to be under. I was able to complete all requirements that evening, yea!

Friday was another day of doing errands. I needed to talk to the Sears people about the glasses I bought there last August. The photo gray hasn’t been changing all the way and I have fine scratches that I thought shouldn’t be on them with the coating I paid extra for. The gal was very firm, saying I was past the guarantee time limit and there was nothing they could do. Bummer, I know I will not buy glasses at Sears again, if that is the way they stand behind their warrantee.

Chuck was looking for something, so I walked the mall, noticing the new shops that had come in, noting the ones that had closed. Lucky for me the alterations shop was still there, I took in four pair of pants that had to be taken in, they are too big on me now.

Completing our errands, we went home and called Richard and Sandy, friends who we stood up for at their wedding in 09. We decided to meet them at Silver Reef Casino that evening. I cooked us a nice dinner of steak for Chuck and baked halibut for me. We then headed out to meet up with Richard and Sandy.

We had a nice time playing with them, they went up around $300 and I was up $50, while Chuck went down. But we all enjoyed each other’s company.

Saturday found Chuck calling people about cars he found on Craig’s list, since he didn’t want to leave me home without a car while he worked all day. He made several appointments to look at a couple and off we went. The first one was an old Toyota truck that was rusted, the wires were hanging down all over inside the cab, but it ran okay Chuck said.

We then called a lady about another one and went back into Bellingham to look at it. It was a lot nicer, a Dodge Aries and Chuck ended up buying that one. Trying to get the cash out of the ATM was another matter. We had to go to a second credit union to get the $, the first wouldn’t give us any money. Weird is all I have to say.

We finished up and went back home, by then it was snowing fine snow. We had made plans to meet Richard/Sandy to go eat pizza with them at 6.

Earlier in the day I had heard from Barb/Dennis who had been with us in November. They had gotten back from Yakima Friday evening and had the oranges Rob/Norma had picked for us at the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield on their way home. We went over to their rig at Beachwood before we went to dinner to pick them up. A big “Thank you” goes to Rob/Norma and Barb/Dennis for picking the oranges and for keeping them from freezing this past week. We appreciate all you did for us.

Dinner was at Round Table Pizza, and Richard/Sandy, his son, Joe and Joe’s wife, Lana, his daughter’s Corrine and Kelsey and granddaughter, Madeline were there. We enjoyed a great dinner and had a lot of fun and laughter catching up with everyone. Thank you Richard/Sandy for this, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Now the past several days had been cold and clear with the lows in the teens, highs in the 20’s. Saturday evening found us heading home in a snow storm, wind blowing and the bridges extremely slippery. It snowed about 2-3 inches last night and it is still cloudy, and it is suppose to warm up with rain in the forecast.

We don’t know when we will be heading out again. The trip home was okay. I sure hated to leave the nice sunny, warmer southland. It’s good to be back in the trees, water and mountains, and I still believe snow belongs in the mountains, but we’re here and we’ll make do while we are here. So until Chuck completes his job with the oil refinery, I’ll say, see you down the road…..Until next time, be well…..Lorraine


2/27/11                                                                                                                                                                       Chuck’s report


Guess you could say we are home, at least we don’t plan on traveling for awhile.  We needed to be back in the area as I accepted an offer to work at the refinery for awhile, during a heavy maintenance period.  My job will mostly be paperwork, handling permits and such, I will be starting tomorrow morning.  I’m not looking forward to getting up early, I have to be at work before 6:00, usually I’m not even up by that time.  Oh well, maybe I’ll convince myself we just traveled across a couple of time zones, especially since the sun is rising a bit earlier now too. 

Last Sunday we were still in Oregon, spent two nights in Woodburn.  They have a big outlet mall, a Costco, Camping World, Super Wal-Mart - - well, you get the picture.  To tell the truth thought, we really didn’t need or buy much, just a few things Lorraine had been looking for and a couple of things I needed for the coach. 

Monday we headed out, our planned stop for the night was at Angle of the Winds Casino RV park near Arlington, Washington, about 250 mile travel day.  We had good driving conditions except for the constant traffic from Olympia, through Tacoma, Seattle, Everett and all the way to Marysville.  We’ve been to lots of places in the past three plus years and I still say the traffic around Seattle is some of the worse in the nation, both the sheer number of vehicles and the way they drive.  It’s always a pleasure to get out of that area and it’s traffic. 

We pulled into the Casino RV park, got partially set up, went inside to register then came back and finished setting up.  Lorraine checked the schedule and saw it was Crab night at the buffet, one of her favorites so we made plans to head over later.  It was getting pretty cold by now, forecast was to get down to freezing.  We only had 30 amp electrical service so we couldn’t run our space heater and the heat pumps, plus it would soon be too cold to run the heat pumps anyway.  I set up the Hydro Hot for heating the coach, plugged in the electric space heater and turned the heat pumps off.  We haven’t had to set up like this in a long time and I wasn’t too sure just how good of a job it would do keeping everything warm but away we went anyway. 

We played the slots for an hour or so before we ate, Lorraine really enjoyed the crab, they feature Dungeness crab here, her favorite.  I ordered a hamburger off the menu, I don’t care for seafood.  After eating, Lorraine wanted to play the slots for awhile longer, I went back to check on the coach.  When I got inside, I found everything to be toasty warm, in fact, it may have been too hot.  But at least I was sure everything would be ok at freezing temperatures.  Lorraine called an hour or so later, I went and picked her up so she wouldn’t have to walk back in the wind and cold.

In the morning we woke up to see that not only had it gotten cold but it had snowed a little bit too.  We checked the weather report on the news and found we were in the area where they were predicting the most snow for the next two days, time to get outa here, that’s for sure.  We quickly showered and got things put away and headed out.  We only had to travel 20 miles or so before we got out of the snow and back to bare, dry roads, yea. 

I had made plans to stop at Al’s RV repair in Bellingham on the way through town.  We had our Hydro Hot serviced when we were in Quartzsite, Arizona in January and shortly after servicing, it developed a leak.  I checked with the guy who had done our service and he suggested two places that could look at it, one being Al’s.  I had talked with the service tech and he was pretty sure he knew what/where the problem was by my explanation of what I was seeing.

So we get to Al’s and talk to the tech, he was working on another rig and would get to us later.  I told him once again we had to have it done today and he said he didn’t understand we were full-timers so he changed his schedule to work on it right away, whew.  We had some things to take care of and they said they would call when they were done.  It was only about 2 hours later they called and said they found the problem and we could come back.

Notice I said they had found the problem, not repaired it!  After checking around, they found the leak to be coming from the burner chamber, basically a heat exchanger.  To repair this would require taking the whole thing apart, sending the exchanger out to a radiator repair shop and reinstalling, a two day job.  I’m glad they didn’t tear it apart and leave us stranded.

Anyway, we still have our leak and will schedule our repairs at a time more convenient to us.  Everything works as normal, we just loose some boiler antifreeze and have to top of the reservoir every two days or so, not too bad. 

We didn’t hook up the car for towing at Al’s as I knew we were stopping at Fred Meyer to fuel up and it’s always easier access in and out when we aren’t towing.  After filling the fuel tanks, we headed up the freeway to our spot here at Latitude 49.

The weather forecast was for COLD temperature and high winds.  I filled the fresh water tank, drained the holding tanks and put away the hoses so they wouldn’t freeze.  We have 50 amp electrical service here so we made a quick trip to town and purchased another electric space heater.  We got everything ready, ate the chicken soup Lorraine had made and hunkered down, the forecast was for 22F overnight. 

Once again, we had no issues with the temperature overnight, the Hydro Hot and two space heaters kept us warm.  My physical and drug test for work was schedule at 10:00 but I could come in earlier for the blood draw as it was a fasting (nothing to eat for the pervious 12 hours) blood test.  I got there before 9, they were busy and short handed but they went ahead and did the whole physical while I was there, not just the blood draw.  I actually got out of there by 10, when my original time slot was scheduled. 

Our dog had gotten her stomach issue back somewhere and we needed to pick up some medicine from the vet and find a laundry with a big washer so as soon as I got back, we took off to town once again.  We picked up the medicine for Misty, found the type washing machine we were looking for at our second stop and finished that task too. 

After we got back, Lorraine spent a lot of time working with our health service providers on the phone and computer trying to get the correct program for this year.  Sure is a hassle working with these type of programs, we only deal with them once in awhile and they aren’t very user friendly.  But finally she got the information she needed and signed up for the programs that would work for us.  I also had to do a health survey on line, took about 1/2 hour to do but it will make our co-pay less for the year if we fill them out. 

The weather was below freezing all day but luckily the high winds they forecasted never came out, we had gusts of 20 MPH or so but nothing in the 40 MPH they had us prepare for.  But it was cold for us, remember we were in Yuma just two weeks ago in shorts and sandals.   Now here we are in heavy coats, hats and gloves, what a culture shock to our system. 

And now the forecast was for the NE winds to continue until Sunday and the temperature to drop even further, 15F on Friday night.  So once again I filled our fresh water tank, drained the holding tanks and put the hoses away.  We had to make another trip into town then came back to the coach.  We’ve been here for four days and haven’t even checked out the local casino, Silver Reef  (or Silver Thief as it’s called by our Canadian friends) yet.  So we decided to head out to try our luck at the slots.  We met our friends Richard/Sandy there, they were playing their favorite slots.  Lorraine managed to come out ahead but my luck was the same as it has been lately, darn.  We decided to fill the gas tank on the way home, the prices have been climbing each day and wanted to fill up at the prices today rather than wait and see if they went up overnight (they did go up, almost $0.06 overnight).

We came back and settled in for another night with cold outside temperatures.  And once again we were pleased with the way our Hydro Hot worked, kept up nice and warm with no problems even though the temperatures only got down to about 20F. 

I will be working 10 to 12 hour shifts for the next few months and didn’t want to take our only car and leave Lorraine without any transportation while I was gone.  She could drop me off and pick me up but with the early hours and such, we decided to rent another car.  Boy were we in for surprise, it would be much cheaper to buy a car instead of renting.  So I’ve been checking Craig’s list for the area, checking out prices and such.  Saturday I made a couple of calls and we headed out to check some cars.  The first one was an old ‘78 Toyota pickup, seem pretty good mechanically but the lights didn’t work, there were lots of wires hanging out under the dash and the body was in pretty sad shape.  Lorraine said “What a piece of crap”, pretty much summed it up.  But the price was right!

We didn’t buy it but went on to check out the second one on our list.  This one was an ‘87 Dodge Aries four door car, owned by a little old lady who had just bought a new car.  We met her at in a local grocery store parking lot, checked it out and decided to purchase this one.  We had to make a trip to the credit unit to get some cash and met her at the licensing place to change the title into our name and get the tabs current for the year.  The car runs ok but needs a good cleaning, mostly on the inside.  But we are hoping it serves its purpose and gets me to/from work for the next few months.  After the work period is over, we can always sell it and recoup most of what we paid, at least that’s the plan today. 

We had made plans to meet Richard/Sandy and his son/daughters for pizza for dinner.  After we got both cars back to the coach, we rested for a bit before heading out.  The clouds were starting to move in, snow was in the forecast and this time they got it right, temperature was in the upper 20s and it started snowing.  We decided to head out to see our friends in spite of the snow.  We had a very good time with them and after eating we set around and visited for awhile.  The drive home was a bit scary however, the road were icy and snow covered, only an inch or so of snow but enough to make it very slippery.  There were a couple of cars in the ditch and of course there were some folks driving too fast (in my opinion that is) for conditions but we made it back with no problems. 

We woke up this morning with it still snowing a little, just over an inch of snow on the ground but the temperature is all the way up to 34F as I write this, the highest I’ve seen in five days.  The long range forecast is for slightly warmer temperatures and rain, much more Western Washington type weather that what we’ve experienced since we been back.  But once again, we were in Yuma just two weeks ago and it’s still to darn cold for us.  I am glad to know the Hydro Hot can still keep us warm, even at these coldest temperatures we’ve experienced since we’ve been on the road. 

At this point, I usually give our schedule for the next week or so but as I’ve said a couple of times already, we are in place for the next few months, no travel plans here.  I don’t think we will be posting each week either but I’ll send out our notice if'/when we do.  In the meantime, “Here we are, NOT on the road”.

Hey, we need some of the Al Gore’s global warming here, send it our way, Al.  Might not hurt if everyone sends warm thoughts our way too. 

And now to add some pictures and get this posted. 

Thanks   Chuck


Entering Washington, notice the clouds.

RSCN5710 RSCN5708

Seattle skyline, they now have two sports stadiums, one for baseball and one for football.

 DSCN5723 DSCN5725 

DSCN5726 DSCN5729

Another poor soul heading North.


Outside our front window on Tuesday morning, unfortunately it was a travel day.

DSCN5744 DSCN5745

We had to go through a few miles of this, road was very slick.

DSCN5746 DSCN5748

DSCN5754 DSCN5756

Ok, roads are bare and dry once again. 


That’s white swans in the fields, they winter around here.

 DSCN5768 DSCN5770

Now that’s more like it, sunny skies, roads bare and dry and no traffic. 


This will be our home for the next few months thanks to Joe/Alice.

DSCN5801 DSCN5782

DSCN5783 DSCN5802

From the mountains to the bay. 

 DSCN5791 DSCN5796


And this is what we had yesterday afternoon. 

 DSCN5780 DSCN5781

Saturday, February 19, 2011

We’re in Wilsonville, Oregon


Sunday, February 20, 2011                                                                                                                                         Lorraine’s report

Hello from Wilsonville, OR, Woodburn RV Park, by the Woodburn Outlet Mall on I-5.

We are on our way north, with Birch Bay Latitude 49 Park being our destination this week and for the next several months. We will be there until Chuck finishes up his gig at the BP Oil Refinery.

I didn’t get a chance to write last weekend; I was very busy with my granddaughter, Kaitlyn. She had spent Saturday night with us, in fact we both went to bed fairly early, and I think I beat her to sleep. I was not feeling very well. Kaitlyn had gone home from school on Monday with the stomach flu, and I think I picked up a touch of it on Saturday. I did not feel very well even though we took it slow and easy at the San Jose Swap meet. That extra sleep was what I needed though.

Sunday found Kaitlyn and me up early; she wakes up about 7 or so and starts to want to do things by 7:30 am. We were busy doing art projects, school work, eating, watching her Sponge Bob Square Pants Show, etc.

Susy came over by 10:30 or so and we made plans for our day, not knowing that Chuck had other plans for his day. Susy and I had planned to hit the mall to spend time together, while we had hoped Chuck could take K to the park to play a bit. Chuck had to work on the hydro hot system, so we took K with us to the mall. Only, K doesn’t like shopping; we didn’t get as much accomplished as we had hoped to do, but K was happy, since we took her by the park to play. I cooked a ham dinner that evening, with Mark coming over in time to eat with us.

Monday was Valentine’s Day and Kaitlyn had been asking for “that yummy meat with gravy and rice” for dinner. I decided I would make her my pork chops in gravy and put on rice for dinner in the slow cooker. Afterwards, Chuck & I headed out to hit some of the stores we didn’t make it to the previous day. I hadn’t gotten much of anything for Susy’s birthday & Chuck had his errands to run. We picked K up from school. What an excited little girl that day. The kids had exchanged valentines and had snacks at school at the end of the day, so of course Kaitlyn was all bubbly and talkative. We had fun looking at all her valentines she received.

Mommy and daddy didn’t come until later on; after 6:30 so it made for a short family time of dinner and such.

Tuesday found me doing cleaning around the coach. Chuck and I headed out for more running, and then we picked up Kaitlyn from school. We went by Safeway to order Susy a birthday cake and headed back to the rig. We spent another evening eating in.

Wednesday was Susy’s birthday. I took the morning off and even rested a bit before we headed out to pick up Kaitlyn from school. We headed back over to Safeway to pick up the cake and then came home. Susy got off early and was here at 4:30. We took Kaitlyn back to the park for some play time and then we all headed out to the Black Angus for Susy’s birthday dinner. It was just the 4 of us since Mark works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at Stanford this quarter.

Dinner was delicious and we couldn’t even eat the dessert that came with the meal. Back to the rig to open presents, blow out the candles on the cake and open presents. I hope you had a nice birthday, Susy, I loved being with you and Kaitlyn. Thank You for letting us come and share it with you!!! It’s so hard to leave you and Kaitlyn, makes me sad, and I cried.

After Susy left, I packed up and put away stuff in the rig for leaving in the morning.

Thursday morning found us leaving the area. Chuck dumped the black and gray tanks and we were off. It was raining and blowing pretty hard, and the traffic was pretty heavy. This area has so much traffic day and night that it’s scary in a big rig.

Interstate 680 has to be one of the worst roads here in CA to drive on; the ruts will jar your insides to pieces. We took the 880 to the 680 to the 80 to the 505 to Interstate 5 finally and headed north, we started for home.

We drove to Corning, CA to the Rolling Hills Casino where we spent the first night. It rained and was blowing most of the way. It was raining and blowing hard while Chuck set up. To make matters worse, the heat wouldn’t come on in the rig even though we had power. Chuck worked on it for a while and even sent out a note on the forum, and got it to come on after a bit, but it was awful timing for that to happen, since it was so cold and damp for us.

We headed over to the casino for the buffet and a bit of gaming. The food was good and I had a little bit of luck. It was still cold, windy and rainy.

Friday we were up and off again headed to Canyonville, OR to stay at the Seven Feathers Casino RV Park. We had a better day for traveling, sunny and nice, but I woke up with a head cold, so I wasn’t up to par, just too much going on, I guess.

Driving through the Coastal Mountains and the Siskiyou Mountains with all the snow on the trees and right alongside the road was a sight to see. All the rain we had was snow up there in the mountains; I’m sure glad we didn’t have to drive through that stuff.

We arrived at Seven Feathers RV and set up. I had started laundry in Corning and I continued in Canyonville. Chuck was now working on the lights in the bathroom. The lights over the sink didn’t come on and he was trying to figure out why. We didn’t head over to the casino for dinner until after 6 or so. We played a bit, saw a gal win $21,000 on a nickel machine, and then headed home.

Saturday we headed out again in the rain. We drove over an hour and a half before we drove out of the rain, the rain got thick for a bit, almost snow. I have to say, the temperature has been slowly dropping and tonight it’s suppose to be 27 degrees. It is sure cold for me, my blood is still thin from Yuma, I think.

We arrived here around 1-1:30, set up and I started cleaning the counter tops, they were in dire need of a good scrubbing from all the desert dust. Chuck continued to try to figure out the lights in the bathroom.

I finished up and headed over to the outlet mall to look for some great sales since this is President’s Day weekend. I wasn’t disappointed with what I found at the mall, and was it ever packed with people, all looking for great sales. We spent a quiet evening in.

We should be home in a day or two, and we don’t know when we will be back on the road, Chuck will start his job on February 28; we are not sure when it will be done. So once again our lives are like Jell-O, nothing is set. Hopefully, the weather will not be too cold for me and spring with its warmer wind and rain will arrive shortly.

With that I’ll say see you down the road…..Lorraine


2/20/11                                                                                                                                                                     Chuck’s report

Yep, we’ve started the trip back to Washington, heading North much earlier than we would have wanted because of the upcoming job. 

This past week we once again tried to spend as much time with Susy and Kaitlyn as possible.  Lorraine and Susy went out shopping on Sunday, they didn’t get much opportunity to do that together this trip.

We did pick Kaitlyn up from school everyday we were there.  It’s funny but she doesn’t like to shop, not for clothes, shoes, groceries or even toys.  She definitely missed a gene there, Lorraine and Susy sure enjoy it.  We did have to stop by a store a couple of times, Kaitlyn and I either stayed in the car or roamed the store just looking while Lorraine did the shopping.  On second thought, maybe she got a good, non-shopping gene from me??

Monday was Valentine’s day and Lorraine fixed a very good pork steak dinner, Susy, Kaitlyn and Mark we all able to spend the evening with us until it was time for Kaitlyn to head home to go to bed. 

Wednesday we took Susy and Kaitlyn out to Black Angus for Susy’s birthday dinner.  Mark had to work that night so he was unable to attend but we did “toast” one to him.  Our dinner’s came with two desserts that we all shared, a bad thing as Lorraine had ordered and picked up a cake for Susy’s birthday and we had it at the coach for after dinner.   So after dinner we headed back for Susy to open her presents and sample the cake.  We didn’t make a big dent in the cake after the big dinner and the desserts we shared but we split what was left so we could sample it again in the next few days. 

After presents and cake, we packed up Kaitlyn’s things, both what we keep in the coach and what she had to take home.  It’s amazing how much “stuff” one little girl can accumulate in just a week.  All too soon, it was time to say our “see ya laters” to our daughter and grand daughter.  I think we were able to spend 8 weeks in Santa Clara with them this trip, one of the advantages of our lifestyle.  But it’s still hard to leave them, especially when we aren’t sure of when we will see them next time.  At least this time, Lorraine knows she will be flying in to spend time with them during Kaitlyn’s birthday in April, my next visit is unknown at this time.  In fact, we’re missing them already and it’s only been three days. 

Thursday morning started out cold and clear, looked like a very fine day to travel.  It had rained hard the night before and we were hoping for a good day but before we got packed up and ready to go, it had started to rain once again, shoot.  About the time we got to the freeway it was a total downpour, not the day we had hoped for. 

We drove in heavy rains for at least three hours before the rains slowed down some, it never did really stop raining for the whole trip. We stopped for the night at Rolling Hills Casino RV park in Corning, California.  We had a couple of problems getting set up but once we did, we found our heat pumps didn’t work.  The heat pumps are actually just our air conditioners that “run” backwards.  The air conditioners would run but when we switched them over to heat pump mode, they wouldn’t even attempt to start, much less run.  I tried troubleshooting the problem for a couple of hours, I couldn’t figure it out, all I did was get soaked from the rain.  Lorraine took advantage of the fact we had full hookups and started doing laundry, we didn’t do any for the past week we were at the Elks. 

Finally Lorraine said she wanted to go over to the casino for their buffet.  We also managed to play the slots for a couple of hours too, I didn’t have any luck but once again Lorraine won about the same amount as I lost so I guess together we broke even??  When we caught the shuttle back to the rig, I tried the heat pumps once again just for grins and low and behold, they worked.  Not sure what happened but they’ve worked for the last three days just normal, must have been a gremlin. 

Speaking of gremlins, when I got back from walking Misty, Lorraine told me the lights and the fan in the bathroom weren’t working.  By this time I wasn’t in the mood to do much more troubleshooting so I left that until the next morning.  Then I found the lights not only didn’t work but when the light switch was off, the fans worked but the fan switch would turn on the lights too.  I decided to let it be until we stopped for the day once again, hoping it would be like the heat pumps and heal itself.  Maybe these problems are just the coach showing it’s displeasure about driving in the cold and heading North too soon or it could have been something shorting out from all the rain we drove through. 

The morning started out cold and clear but once again our luck wasn’t to hold, it started raining shortly before we got on the road, nothing like the day before however, this time it was just a rain, not a downpour.  It only rained for an hour or so, just about the time we reached the mountains.  There was lots of snow alongside the roads and in the trees and hills but the road was mostly bare and wet for the rest of the day.  I’m not a big fan of snow, but it isn’t too bad if it’s not on the road as in this case.  I know Lorraine took lots of pictures, I’ll add some at the end of this post. 

We stopped at 7 Feathers Casino RV park in Canyonville, Oregon for the night.  We try to stay here whenever we’re in the area, this is one of the nicest parks we’ve stayed at throughout the whole USA.  Once we got set up, I spent a couple of hours troubleshooting the electrical problem we have, this one was over my pay grade too and I couldn’t find the problem.  Lorraine did a couple load of laundry here too. 

So we headed over to the casino to eat dinner and try our luck on their slots.  We had a good dinner, no buffet this time as we just couldn’t do two in a row.  Once again we broke about even, together that is, as once again Lorraine won about as much as I lost, getting to be a habit here.  And this time when we got back to the coach, we still had our electrical gremlin, the lights and fan problem didn’t fix themselves. 

We weren’t sure if we were going to stay at 7 Feathers for one or two nights, that decision would wait until morning after we checked the weather forecast.  So yesterday we got up, checked the forecast and decided to head on out, one of the few times we’ve traveled three days in a row.  This may have been the first time we’ve stayed here that Lorraine didn’t go to the swimming pool/hot tub.  Lorraine said she felt like she was coming down with a cold or something and by the time we got ready to leave she almost felt like staying instead.  But once we got on the road, she started feeling a bit better.

And once again, it started raining, this time with a bit of snow mixed in just for good measure, as we were getting ready to go.  We kept checking the forecast and it showed the weather to be much better the farther North we travelled.  So once again we took off, traveling though the mountains with snow alongside the road but none on the roads.  It was about an hour before the rains stopped and soon thereafter we were in mostly sunny skies, even thought the outside temperature was showing high 30s. 

Our destination this time was at Woodburn RV park, in Woodburn, Oregon of course.  This place is right next door to the big Outlet Mall that Lorraine likes to shop.  After we got here, Lorraine cleaned the inside of the coach, it’s amazing how dusty everything gets, even when traveling in the rain.  I finished with my setting up chores, unhooked the car and washed the windows, they were filthy from being towed in the rain. 

Lorraine started the last load of laundry, and then she took the car over to the mall and I once again worked on the lights/fan problem we have.  Well, we still have the same problem, I still can’t figure it out.  Wish I understood this mysterious, magic stuff called electricity better but it isn’t my strong suit for sure. 

We did decide to stay here for two days for a couple of reasons, one to rest up for a day before traveling on and another so Lorraine could hit the mall again tomorrow.  I must be getting old or something, three travel days in a row and I’m beat!  I can remember making the trip from Bellingham to San Jose in one day, by myself, back in the day.  Here we’ve only travelled about 700 miles in three days and I have to have a day off, what a wimp. 

So our plans now have us leaving here tomorrow, making a couple more nightly stops along the way before we get back to Bellingham on Tuesday or Wednesday.  We will stop by Al’s RV in Bellingham to have our Hydro Hot repaired before we head on up to our final stop at Latitude 49 in Blaine.  Our friends, Joe/Alice, have two lots there and have kindly offered us to stay on their empty lot for the duration of my job.  It is only a few miles from the refinery and we won’t have to move every couple of weeks like we would have if we were to stay at 1000 Trails and Beachwood.  Thanks Joe/Alice, see you up there in about a month or so. 

Now for the pictures and get this posted.  Here’s hoping it warms up and we have an early spring once we get into Washington. 


Happy Birthday Susy!

DSCN5514 DSCN5507

DSCN5510 DSCN5516

A little help blowing out the candles.


Payback, getting NANA Neck. 

 DSCN5521 DSCN5522

Almond trees in bloom.

DSCN5531 DSCN5534

Traveling in the snow, lucky for us there was no snow or ice on the roads. 

DSCN5540 DSCN5545

DSCN5551 DSCN5554

Lake Shasta.

DSCN5561 DSCN5563

DSCN5569 DSCN5578

DSCN5579 DSCN5584

DSCN5593 DSCN5597

DSCN5599 RSCN5607 

Pretty if you don’t have to be out in it. 

DSCN5608 DSCN5609

DSCN5610 DSCN5612

Mount Shasta. 

DSCN5620 DSCN5631

DSCN5635 DSCN5642

That’s more like it, sunny skies and clear, dry roads.  

DSCN5646 DSCN5647

Like the way they painted the roof on the barn. 

RSCN5658 RSCN5662

OH OH, we have to go through there.

DSCN5670 DSCN5671

Looks like new growth on the trees. 

DSCN5682 DSCN5684

That barn needs some help, there is a for sale sign on it too. 


Thanks   Chuck