Monday, October 26, 2009

We’re in Lincoln, California


Sunday, October 25, 2009                                                                                                    Lorraine’s Report

We’re here in Lincoln, CA at our friends, Bill & Jeanette’s home. We’ve had our usual week of packing up and moving on.

Last Sunday was a quiet day at home, with breakfast at the Elks Lodge there in Eugene. Chuck stayed home after breakfast and I went looking at the mall, while he watched football all day.

Monday, we left Eugene and headed to a repair place there by Eugene to try and have the coach repaired, the booboo from Alaska, and the stress breaks. This shop was a great shop, the owner worked for Marathon Coaches, and boy did he run a clean, efficient shop. He told us we should take the coach back to the Tiffin factory in Red Bay, since the fractures could involve a lot of warranty work, and he didn’t do warranty work, and his prices were $105 per hour. We left there and headed to Seven Feathers. We arrived and set up, then went over for dinner. Seven Feathers no longer has an everyday buffet; only Thursday through Sunday night buffet, and the prices are higher. They have a coffee shop type restaurant, which was very slow, and I’ve never had so tough a tiny lobster tail. It’s a good thing the steak that came with it was good.

Tuesday was the second day in a very long time I felt almost normal. So of course that meant I had to clean my part of the closet, which I did. Upon completing the chore, we had a call from Barb/Bill to go to lunch. They came in from McMinnville and were in the parking lot of Seven Feathers dry camping. They came over and we went into Canyonville for lunch. We had a nice visit and a good lunch.

Wednesday, I went swimming in Seven Feathers nice pool. We ate lunch and went into the casino. Now, I hadn’t been having very good luck, Chuck had, but that day I came out ahead as did Chuck. We really like this campground. It is very quiet, with long sites; it is just your really nice RV resort.

Thursday we packed up and headed to Medford. We had a time trying to get to the Elk’s campground. We never did find it; they moved it from the lodge to ten miles outside at their picnic grounds. The GPS took us out to a tiny dirt road with no place to turn around; we had to unhook, back the coach up and back up this tiny dirt road. I drove the car and Chuck took us to a private campground there in Phoenix called Holiday RV Park.

We parked, set up and took off back into Medford for specific shopping. In downtown Medford there is a hundred year old shoe store that fits hard to fit feet. We went there and got both of us shoes. We then headed into the mall for more shopping. We finished up this shopping trip going to Costco for more specific stuff. Dinner was baked chicken from Costco, brought home.

Friday we got up early, and since I didn’t finish all I had wanted to get in Oregon; the owner of the RV Park said we could check out late. So back into Medford we went. Chuck checked out four RV supply places for parts we need for the coach. I needed to shop at Wal-Mart, and we went back to the big mall for a couple of more things I wanted for presents. Then, back to the coach and we hooked up the car and headed south. You sure could feel a change in temperature when we crossed into CA. The temperature went up to 81 degrees in a few short miles.

We drove on into Rolling Hills Casino hoping to get into their RV camp; but alas, no luck. We arrived around 5 pm, and the camp was full. We pulled on into the big rig parking lot and found a spot to dry camp. We dropped the jacks and set out the slides. We then went into dinner for the seafood buffet. While they didn’t have any Dungeness Crab meat, they had a very nice buffet.

Saturday morning I saw a fifth wheel leaving the RV Park, so Chuck checked this out. We moved into a full hookup spot by 9:30 am. The dry camper next to us in the parking lot ran his generator all night long. I finally got to sleep around 5 am; Chuck was going to wake me at 8 to see the balloons leave, but didn’t; I awoke around 8:30. I don’t know why Chuck didn’t get the camera to watch all the balloons leave. The car show started at 10, there was around 100 plus cars, and there was a ribs cook off going on also; and the balloons were there too. That was why the RV Park was full. The temperature was in the mid 80’s, so sunny and warm after being in the mid 50’s for the past several weeks.

Sunday, we got up and headed here to see Bill and Jeanette. Please continue to pray for Bill/Jeanette and family, he’s in great need.  Thank you for all your prayers.

It’s only two months from today until Christmas. 

Until next time…..Be well…..Lorraine


10/25/09                                                                                                                                 Chuck’s Report

We are still working our way South for the winter, have made it as far as Northern California.  We spent over a month in Oregon, I think we did the same last year.  We didn’t follow the coast all the way down this time, however but still had a good time in Oregon. 

We started the week in Eugene, staying  at the Elks club.  They have a very nice campground at their club and dinner is served most nights.  It is pretty handy to the town yet pretty quiet, almost in a residential area.

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned the stress cracks we have developed on our coach.  Tiffin (and other manufactures too), have a problem with cracks developing in the slide cutout.  Well, it appears we are not immune to this problem as we have a small crack on the driver’s rear slide, front bottom corner.  We also have developed one on the driver’s front slide, back top corner.  This are still covered under our warranty, Tiffin will pay to have a shop of our choice repair them or they will repair them if we return the coach to Red Bay, Alabama.  We found a nice reputable shop in Eugene that works on coaches and had them look at our problems.  I wanted an estimate on repairing our fiberglass damage from out accident in Alaska, adding an outside vent to the microwave and repairing the two cracks.  They checked out the cracks and suggested the repair wouldn’t be too easy, might even require pulling the slides out for the repairs.  They said they could do all the work but recommended we return to the factory instead. 

So - - -  we are now back to our original plan to spend part of the winter in Texas.  As usual, we make plans and God laughs.  But we have pretty much been rolling with the flow since we started full timing just over two years ago and this isn’t a big hurdle for us either way.  At least we now have the starts of a plan for the winter. 

So, after that news, we decided to head on South to Canyonville, Oregon to Seven Feathers campground.  We have stayed here before and think its one of the best campground on the West coast.  The problem is there is a Casino here too, ha.  But we fooled them this time, both Lorraine and I left with more money than we started.  In fact, when we were getting ready to head back to the coach on the last night, I asked Lorraine if she had any comp play on her player’s card.  She checked and had $5 so we stopped at a penny machine on the way.  She entered her code, got the free $5 and on the third spin came up with $88.  Now that was a good spin, she had two more spins and then we left.  We stayed there for three nights, spend part of the second day with Bill/Barb who also left Eugene area and stopped here for one night. 

We left there on headed to Medford where we wanted to stay at the Elks club.  We never found it, even after calling them and getting a different address.  In fact, we ended up driving down a small, dirt road where we had to unhook the car and back out for a ways.  We decided to give up trying to find the Elks campground and headed for a private one we have stayed at before. 

The main reason we were stopping in Medford was for Lorraine to do some shopping, after all, Oregon doesn’t have any sales tax.  So we did our running around the first afternoon and next morning.  We then made the compass read “S” once again and headed for California.  We stopped for the evening at Rolling Hills Casino campground but it was full.  Seems there was a classic car and hot air balloon show over the weekend.  We decided to spend the night in the truck stop parking lot along with at least 30 other RVs.  Wouldn’t you know it, the guy next to us was the one that ran their generator all night, right outside our bedroom.  Between the generator and trucks coming and going, neither of us got a very good night’s sleep.  We were able to move into the campground the next morning  so it was only for the one night.  

So Sunday was another of the more common lately traveling day.  We headed out to our friends place here near Lincoln.  They have a very nice spread, still out in the country but town is moving ever closer to their place.  We met Bill/Jeanette in Quartzsite last winter, traveled with them to Mexico and stopped by their place on our way North this spring.  Unfortunately, Bill is going through some serious medical problems and we request everyone to include him in your prayers. 

Our plans for the next week have firmed up enough so we will make reservations at a campground.  Lorraine wants to spend Halloween near our daughter’s so she can be with our grand daughter, surprise, surprise.  We will be in the area until Tuesday after Halloween.  I found a coupon for a place in Laughlin, Nevada that will give us a full hookup site for one week, two breakfast buffets and if we stay before Dec., they will throw in another free week.  So, we will head to Don Laughlin’s for the following two weeks.  Ah, two weeks along the Colorado river, in a nice looking campground, enjoying the warm, dry weather.  Looking forward to that!

So, once again, that was our week, hope you had a good one too. 

Thanks   Chuck

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We’re in Keiser, Oregon, near Salem


Sunday, October 18, 2009                                                                                                      Lorraine’s Report

Blog time, it’s time to write about our week. Well, we’ve really slowed things down a whole lot from this summer. It’s really been quiet and relaxing, giving us time to catch our breath and rest.

We are here in Keizer, OR at the Elk’s Lodge RV Park; it’s nice, good sites, 50 amps, sewer and water, close to the center of everything. We came here Monday from Seaside when they predicted windy and rainy weather. Chuck stopped to get the oil changed in the MH at Speedco there by Portland. It was going to be a bit of a wait, so Chuck unhooked the car and I went south to Woodburn Outlet Mall. Boy, did I run into some great buys with it being Columbus Day. I continued my Christmas shopping; the sales were 20-25% off with coupons for 10-30% more on top of sale prices. I made my rounds at the mall and met Chuck at the Elks in time to help him set up. For dinner, the Elks had tacos and taco salads for $1.00 and $3.50, great prices and very good food; it was really crowded. Tom, you would like it here.

Tuesday we went up to Camping World, Verizon, Nordstrom’s and the mall here in Salem. Chuck needed a new phone, a new light for underneath the cabinet here by the couch, and I shopped for my unmentionables. We were fortunate to find all things we went for. We got home and Chuck changed out the light and we went over to the Elk’s for hamburgers. Again, it was even more crowded, with a long lineup waiting for both drinks and the burgers; but it was worth the wait.

Wednesday we decided to drive over to Spirit Mountain Casino to try our luck. While in line waiting to get our cards, we saw our friends, Barbara/Bill in line directly in front of us. They were there with his cousin and her husband to enjoy the buffet. They invited us to join them, but we had a call from our other friends, Roger/Nancy on the way to the casino to have dinner with them, we accepted and were going to dinner with Roger/Nancy that evening. So, we just visited with Barb/Bill and didn’t eat. After a bit we went into the casino and played for a couple of hours. Chuck and I both won.

We got back in time to go to dinner with Roger/Nancy at a Mexican restaurant. We enjoyed our visit with them. They tried to take us to see where the RV repair place was, but it was too dark to see. But, we had a very nice dinner and visit.

Thursday, I called Nancy to ask where to get my hair done, since it was time to have my hair done. She gave me the name; I called and made my appointment. We then took off to go check out the RV repair place, but no one was around, even the office was closed. Chuck then decided to find my hair place. It took a bit to find, since we don’t know this town. I went in, it was very busy, and met my gal. She was very nice; I showed her all the different formulas and product lines that had been used on my hair. She looked at them all, saw one she had and said she knew exactly what to do. She then proceeded to do it. Needless to say, my hair came out very nice, and she even straightened out the last trim I had, and didn’t even charge me for it. I really liked this gal and my hair looks great. Dinner was home that evening.

Friday, we had made arrangements to meet up with our friends, Barb/Bill to meet for either lunch or dinner. We decided on lunch since it was cheaper, and went back to Spirit Mountain Casino to eat. The casino gives out a coupon for $3.00 off any meal, so we used it for the buffet. While the food was good, I was disappointed that they did not have as much seafood as I had anticipated (no Dungeness crab). We than played for a little while; Chuck and I both won as did Barb/Bill.

Saturday was a very rainy day. I changed sheets, did laundry and watched TV. We had wanted to go to the Farmer’s Market downtown, but it just poured.

Friday evening Chuck had a call from our friend, Bill, (his wife is Jeanette), they live near Sacramento, and we spent time with them at their home last spring. He’s having some health issues and I ask you to pray for him and his family. Thank you, I’m sure they would appreciate all prayers.

So, that was our week. Until next time, be well……….Lorraine


10/18/09                                                                                                                                 Chuck’s Report

On Monday we left the coast and headed inland.  According to the weather folks, we were in for a couple of back to back storms with lots of rain and we hoped it wouldn’t be as bad inland. 

We also stopped at a big truck oil/lube place, Speedco, for an oil change and lube.  They are like a Jiffy lube only on a bigger scale.  The had one bay set up just for motorhomes and had the oil and fuel filters we needed too.  They say you are in an out in under an hours but they were busy and short staffed so we were there over three hours.  They ask the driver to witness the torque on the oil drain plug and that the oil fill cap was replaced.  They also allowed me to get in the pit and check out the undercarriage of the coach.  They don’t check everything like a normal RV place might but for an oil change and lube place, they are good. 

While waiting to get into the bay, I unhooked the car and Lorraine went to the Woodburn Outlet Mall.  After they were finished with the lube and oil change, I called her and headed out to the Elks lodge at Keiser, a nice place.  We got the coach setup and had dinner at the lodge. 

Tuesday we went to Camping World and a big mall.  I have a Verizon flip phone, had to replace it once when the hinge broke and the new one feels like it is breaking too.  I went to the Verizon store there and they set me up with a new phone, has lots of things on it I will never use, I just wanted a phone.  So I have a new phone but still have the same phone number. 

Wednesday we decided to go to an Indian Casino about 30 miles away, Spirit Mountain Casino.  We got into line to get our player’s cards and noticed Bill and Barb were two ahead of us.  They are our friends we met two years ago in California and spent time with them while we were in Seaside.  What a small world.  This turned out to be a profitable trip for us as we both left with more money than we started with, yea. 

After returning to our coach, Roger and Nancy picked us up and we headed out for dinner with them. They are friends of ours from the Lewis and Clark Chapter we just joined at Seaside and they live here.  We had a good time visiting with them and picked their brains a bit about the area.  

Thursday we did some exploring then Lorraine had her hair done. 

Friday we had plans to meet with Bill/Barb at Spirit Mountain Casino for their lunch buffet.  Friday is old farts day, they give a $3 discount off the $9 price if you are 55 or older.   Once again we had a good time with these friends, afterwards, we helped them spend their $5 free slot play that all new players are awarded.  They both won on their free money but I don’t think either of them really enjoy playing the slots.  They left about an hour before we did, we may see them next week when we both are planning on being in Eugene.

Saturday we woke up with clear blue skies and warm temperatures.  We made plans to go to a farmer’s market here in Salem.  However, before we got ready to leave, it clouded up and just poured rain for the rest of the day.  We changed out plans and stayed close to home.  Most of the Elk lodges have dinners on Friday and/or Saturday and we like to support them so we went to dinner at the lodge on Saturday night. 

This week our plans are to head to Eugene for a few days.  I plan on checking with a couple of RV repair places to see what they can do about repairing our rig.  We have some busted fiberglass in the back cap that currently has duct tape on it.  If we decide to get it repaired here, we won’t have to go back to Red Bay, Alabama to the factory.  Our winter plans will depend on if we go back East or not.  We are currently checking our options and hopefully will firm them up next week. 

Thanks   Chuck 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Still in Seaside


Sunday, October 11, 2009                                                                                                  Lorraine’s report

Another week has quickly passed and we are still here at Leisure Time/Thousand Trails in Seaside, OR. It has been a fun week and this weekend we attended our first Thousand Trails sponsored Rally put on by the Lewis & Clark TT RV Club.

Last Sunday, I was really under the weather, just didn’t feel well all day, so we stayed home and watched the Seattle Seahawks loose.

Monday, I felt better and Chuck & I took off to go up to the Maritime Museum in Astoria. What a great museum, with some great pictures and history of this area. Then we went over to Ft. Clatsop to Lewis & Clark’s winter camp where they spent their last winter on the road before they headed back east. That was another great presentation with pictures and history of their expedition.

Tuesday, we visited with Ron & Janel and Laurie and Scott. These are the folks who asked us to join their group, the Thousand Trails Lewis and Clark Chapter of FMCA. We found out we could stay another week and attend their rally here at Seaside starting Friday and ending Sunday morning. We decided to stay and attend; a good move.

We then decided to go downtown and sit on the boardwalk overlooking the beach. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day with lots of people doing the same thing.

Wednesday, we went over to some friends we had met at Morgan Hill, CA, Bill & Barbara. They were in the coach next to us there, but they said we were very involved with watching Kaitlyn, our granddaughter, so we didn’t really visit much. We visited them for a little while until their other friends came to get them to go to the beach.

Thursday was another day spent visiting more of the fine folks coming into the park for the rally. They had card games going on in the afternoon and golf for those folks who played. I also ran to Safeway just down the way for food I needed to make up to bring for the rally.

Friday the rally started with lunch at a Chinese restaurant here in Seaside; around 50 people attended, followed by more visiting back at the coaches. We went to the antique mall with our next door neighbors, Bob and Lynn.

That afternoon from 2-4 was bring your computers to the clubhouse for help with whatever questions you had. We were there until 4:15 getting help, as were a bunch of others.

Dinner was Oktoberfest with brats and with dessert provided by the hosts, Ron/Janel and Laurie/Andy; everyone else brought salads. I think they expected 28 coaches with 54 or so people. After dinner it was card bingo, where you brought 3 nickels, 3 dimes, 3 quarters and a dollar bill; a fun time for all involved.

Saturday, was a breakfast at 8 am followed by their business meeting. We opted to go to breakfast with Bill and Barbara, who took us to Camp 18 out on highway 26. We had a really big breakfast which Chuck and I split and still couldn’t finish.

Then Bill took us for a drive in his new Jeep on the beach up to Ft Stevens. This was our first time to drive on a beach. It was another great day and we really enjoyed the drive, the beach and the company. We saw two water spouts of passing whales and tons of different birds and lots of people. Thanks, Bill and Barbara for taking us.

We got home and rested, then went over to the clubhouse for the 5 o’clock nachos, with everyone else bringing snacks. Again, a ton of food was there for everyone to enjoy. Following that was the White Elephant bingo, another great evening with wonderful fellowship for all.

Sunday was a potluck breakfast for all. Then it was time for goodbyes as several people had to leave and head out.

That was our week, so until next time……Lorraine

10/11/09                                                                                                                            Chuck’s report

Once again we changed out plans, we decided to stay here for awhile longer.  We originally wanted to stay here for a week, then extended for another week and now extended for the third time.  This time we learned we had some friends here in the park.  We had gotten an email from Bill and Barb, we met them in Morgan Hill two years ago.  They recognized our rig and car and sent an email telling us they were here in the park too.  We also met some nice folks parked right across from us. 

Monday we headed out to Astoria where we toured the Maritime Museum.  This was pretty nice, showed lots of history about the Columbia River, especially the river bar where it meets the ocean.  There has been hundreds of boats and ships wrecked or washed ashore in this area due to the rough waters.  They say this is the roughest bar crossing in the US due to the amount of water in the river meeting the ocean. 

We got an email from an ex-coworker, Jim Brown, who told us about Fort Clapsop along the Columbia River and that they had enjoyed visiting it, thought we would enjoy it also.  This is where Lewis and Clark spent their winter before returning back to civilization back in 1805 - ‘06.  So after spending a couple of hours at the Maritime Museum,, we went to Fort Clapsop, a few miles away.  This was very interesting park, they have a replica of the fort that Lewis and Clark built plus lots of information about their time here.  They talked about the food they gathered/hunted, the Indians they traded with, the salt they made from sea water and their life while here.  They were at their fort for 120 days and recorded rain everyday except for 12 days, sound like a typical winter in the Great Northwest.  Thanks Jim for a good heads up on a place to visit, we did enjoy ourselves and learned a lot. 

Tuesday we spent some time with the folks across the way from us, Ron and Janel.  They belong to Lewis and Clark Thousand Trials chapter and they are the hosts for a chapter rally here this week.  They asked if we would be interested in joining their chapter but we were planning on leaving here before their rally started on Friday.  I told them we would try to extend and if we were able, we would join them but we had already spent our two weeks here.  I thought our contract only allowed us to stay in one park for two weeks but this is a Leisure Time park and seems we are allowed to stay in them for three weeks.   We also met some others in the chapter, Laurie (who’s husband Andy was at work and couldn’t show up until after work on Friday), Bob and Lynn and Scott.   They all made us feel welcome so we decided to join their chapter and join in on the planned activities and dinners planned for the rally. 

On Wednesday we were finally able to meet up with Bill and Barb, we had a nice time visiting with them and catching up their lives since we met two years ago.  We made plans to get together later in the week and spend more time with these fine folks.

Thursday we spent some time at the beach and visited with our new friends back at the park.  We set around in our chairs outside Ron’s coach and met others from the chapter.  I can’t remember all the members, if I tried to list their names I know I'd miss some of them.  Suffice it to say, we met about 30 members and all of them were very nice to us, a good chapter with good members!

Friday the chapter had plans to have lunch at a Chinese buffet in town, afterwards we went shopping at the antique mall with some of them.  We also went to the dinner here at the clubhouse.  After dinner, we played card bingo.  The first three games cost everyone $0.05 each per game, next three were for $0.10, next three for $0.25 and last game cost each player $1.00.  I had two bingos, one for the nickel pot, the second one was one of the dime pots but was split three ways.  So I won twice and still spent more than I made, ha.  Still, we had fun and got to meet more of the members. 

Saturday the chapter had a breakfast but we already had made plans to go to breakfast with Bill/Barb.  They drove and we went to Camp 18, located at an old logging camp at mile 18 on highway 26.  Boy, if you ever eat there and leave hungry, it would be because you didn’t clean your plate.  They believe in big servings!  After breakfast, we walked around their place where they have lots of old logging equipment.  After that, Bill headed for the beach and he drove up the beach about 14 miles to an ship wreck.  Depending on the area and time of the year, it is legal to drive on the beaches in Oregon.  We have never driven on the beach because we don’t have a four wheel drive, Bill/Barb have a jeep.  However, after being on the beach with them, I can see where it would be safe to drive a regular two wheel drive, at least in this area.  We had a good time with them and really liked the drive on the beach.   Thanks  Bill and Barb for a good day. 

After we got back, we had another get together with the chapter for snacks and another go of bingo.  This time it was a “White Elephant” bingo, everyone brought something from their rig for a bingo prize.  Once again, I had a bingo and won a Red/White/Blue hat and a bottle of wine. 

Today, Sunday, we had another breakfast with the chapter at the clubhouse.  This was the last planned activity for the rally and some of the member left.  Others who were staying made plans to go to dinner later today in Cannon Beach and we are looking forward to that. 

So now our plans for next week are to head for the Salem area for a couple of days.  Later in the week we also want to go to Eugene to get some stuff for the coach.  The remainder of the month depends on the weather more than anything.  We have gotten used to the weather here, very nice and warm during the days, cooling off enough to need the heater at night.  But the forecast is for the winter rains to start on Tuesday, and they say, for the next 10 days.  If that is the case, we will probably head South and inland, not return to the ocean.  But if the weather clears up, we would like to come back and continue our trip South following the ocean. 

So another week on the road.  We’ve had a very good time here in Seaside but are getting hitch-itch and ready to move on down the road. 

Thanks   Chuck

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A quiet week in Seaside, Oregon


Sunday, October 4, 2009                                                                                    Lorraine’s Report

Well, we just had another very quiet week.  Other than my not feeling very well for a few days, it was quite unremarkable.  It rained hard a few days, and I was happy to be home.  We lived just like we did when we were in a non-mobile home.  There’s stuff to clean, fix, and reorganize.  Chuck is such a great handyman, I’m thankful he can work on so much and fix it.  It’s been nice to take it slow for a couple of weeks, it has given me a chance to rest up and catch up.  So that’s it for me, Chuck has written about our week.  We hope this finds all our family and friends well.   Until next time, be well…….Lorraine

10/4/09                                                                                                                                Chuck’s report

I know some people think our lifestyle is great, so do we.  But just like when we lived in the sticks and bricks home, sometimes we don’t have much to do.  This week was like that, the title says it all, we’ve spent a quiet week not doing much.  Lorraine got her flu shot last week and hasn’t felt the best and it rained off and on, sometimes pretty heavy. 

We did head out on an excursion on Monday, Lorraine wanted to check out some stuff at a Macys store.  The closest one was in Longview, Wa.  Since we haven’t been to Longview yet, only passed through on the highway, we headed out on a day trip in the car.  We drove through Astoria and stayed on the Oregon side of the Columbia River until we got to Longview.  Unfortunately, the road was pretty curvy and hilly and Lorraine got a bit car sick.  Once we got to the mall, she went into Macys and they didn’t have what she wanted.  So back in the car and head for Portland, Oregon. 

Now neither one of us really like big cities and Portland is a big one.  So we basically just got on the major highway through town (I-5) and drove through it without stopping.   Our plans were to take a different road back to the coast, hoping to see some different scenery.  We made it to our exit, headed west on 26 and drove back to the coast.   Most of the drive was pretty much like the drive over, lots of forests and a couple of small towns.  We made it back to the coach and really can’t say we did anything explore a couple of new roads we haven’t traveled on before. 

I could go into detail about de-frosting the fridge but don’t think I will.  I could go into detail about dumping our holding tanks but don’t think I will.  I could go into detail about lots of things we do each and every week but don’t think I will.  So suffice it to say, we had a normal, quiet week.  We did have our mail delivered to the local post office, seems that is a monthly thing for us.  We went out to Mo’s, a well known local restaurant that is known for it’s clam chowder.  Other than that and a couple trips to the beach, we mostly stayed home. 

One good thing about this week, it wasn’t a very expensive one for us.  We didn’t have any campground fees as it’s part of our 1000 Trails system.  We didn’t have to buy any fuel for the coach or car.  Most of our meals were at home, not eating out too much.  There aren’t any big malls or stores close by, only a small outlet mall and a Safeway store.  There aren’t any casinos nearby so I didn’t plant any seed money there either. 

Next week we plan to head inland for a few days.  I need to have some maintenance work done on the coach, oil change and such.  There is service place called Speedco for big trucks and such and they also work on motor homes.   We haven’t been to one of their locations yet but have heard good things about them.  They have a place just South of Portland so we will give it a try.  They say they can have us in/out in under an hour, we’ll see how it goes.  We plan on staying at an Elks Lodge in Keiser.  We will be heading back to the coast once we are finished with this little side trip.  

And now for a few pictures, not many ‘cause we didn’t take many.  

Bridges across the Columbia River at Kelso and Longview.

DSCN0783 DSCN0784

DSCN0785 DSCN0787

DSCN0788 DSCN0791

Beach at Seaside once again. 

DSCN0793 DSCN0794

Statue of Lewis and Clark downtown Seaside. 

DSCN0797 DSCN0799

Once again, that’s all folks - - - - -