Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ho Hum, still in Blaine, Washington


Sunday, August 29, 2010                                                                                            Lorraine’s report

We’re still here in Blaine, WA and we’ve moved back to 1000 Trails. The weather has gotten a lot cooler in the daytime, as well as the nights. It is only in the mid 70 degree range during the daytime and down to the mid 40’s at night. Last night, I had a hard time warming up. This week the rain is suppose to come in.

Well, last Sunday, we went to dinner with Richard and Sandy. Sandy works at the Silver Reef Casino, and once a year they give their employees a free dinner to their fabulous steak house. Sandy was able to secure one extra comp from a cousin/friend, so she and Richard invited us to go with them to dinner. We had a fabulous dinner with them and enjoyed a wonderful time together. Thank you Richard and Sandy for being such great friends to us, we really appreciate you both.

Monday found me cleaning my part of the closet, changing sheets and doing laundry. Ray came over to remind us we had said we would go to the luncheon buffet at the Silver Reef with them. Good thing, too, because we had told Rob/Norma and Rick/Joy about the special at SRC and all of us wanted to go.

Only thing, the special is on until 2 pm. No problem, we worked it all out and the 10 of us, Ray/Barb, their friends Tom, and I didn’t get to meet his wife, so I can’t remember her name, Rob/Norma, Rick/Joy all showed up for lunch.

We were told we had an hour’s wait before we could be seated. That was fine with most of us, so we played the machines while waiting. The lunch at SRC was very good, and I think all of us had a great time. Several of us were up for the day, including me.

From there Norma, Joy and I went into town to pick up my new glasses, while Rick took Chuck to Costco for his new glasses. Rob chose to stay and play at the casino. 

Afterwards, we all came back to our rig and visited.

The next day was a stay at home day, with me doing Norma and Joy’s toe nails. Chuck and Rick helped Rob while he continued working on his lot, putting up a stone backdrop to keep the dirt from running onto the patio. We enjoyed leftover chicken and turkey salad from my sister’s anniversary party for lunch.

Thelma and John came over that evening, and I had asked Rob/Norma, and Rick/Joy over to visit with them. We had hoped a friend, Garth/Deen had their campfire, but we didn’t see them come back from town in time, so we just visited until late in our rig. The stories were great with fun times for all.

Wednesday was moving into 1000 Trails day. We both were busy cleaning after the move, mopping, washing all the counter tops, and woodwork, and setting up.

We also had said our good byes to Rick and Joy, who were heading back to BC; she had to go back to work Thursday. Thank you both for all the good times with us. Hopefully, we will see you this winter in CA/AZ.

We then went to meet friends from Chuck’s work, Steve and Linda. They had invited Jan and Glen and Bruce and Karen to join us for dinner at Chihuahua’s.  Chuck, Steve, Glen and Bruce all worked at BP together, so it was like old home week for them.

Afterwards we went by Steve and Lin’s home. Steve had questions about RVing and motor homes versus 5th wheels. Hopefully, we helped.

The next day Chuck and I went by Rob/Norma’s. I needed to run some errands, and asked Norma to go with me. Chuck stayed with Rob and helped him put a new roof on his shed. Everyone was happy, the guys because they didn’t have to go shopping and the gals because they got to go shopping. Returning home later on, Rob and Norma took us to Bob’s burgers for dinner.

Friday, I got the results from all the tests the Doctor ordered. Good news, my liver is finally back to normal. The doc said it was like that incident two years ago didn’t happen. But, my cholesterol is slowing going up, so he ordered a low dosage of medicine to help lower it. I have arthritis not Rheumatoid arthritis, which was a worry. Other than adding Vitamin D to what I need to take, I’m doing okay. Yeah!

After the doctor visit, Bob, Alice and Joe came over to the rig for a visit. We had to cut this visit short because we had promised Rob/Norma we would go to there rig for dinner. We had a lovely dinner with them. We then went to Silver Reef for a bit, only this time, no luck.

Saturday, Sandy and Richard had asked us to go to the Ferndale Street Fair with them. We met up with them and spent a sunny afternoon eating our way through the fair. I was amazed at how much the street fair had grown to over cover most of Main Street in town. Later on we went back to Richard/Sandy’s town house for B B Que.

This whole week we have been busy seeing and visiting friends. What a great way to spend your time! Thank you everyone….as I said before. I needed this!

Until next time…..Lorraine


8/29/10                                                                                                                 Chuck’s report

Wow, here it is almost September, where did the time go? 

Well, the fall rainy season hasn’t started yet so we are still here in the area.  It’s been another week sort of like the prior three, visiting with family and friends, most of time at lunch or dinner.  During my doctor visit, I told our new doctor I would stop eating donuts but didn’t say anything about buffets, I ain’t that dumb. 

We’ve spent a lot of time with our friends from Canada, Rick/Joy, who left for home on Wednesday and Rob/Norma who leave today.  We may have talked both couples into meeting us in California and Arizona this winter, hope it works out.  They won’t be able to leave until after Christmas so we still have lots of time to plan and organize this.  

Last Sunday our friends Richard/Sandy treated us to dinner at the Steak House at the Silver Reef Casino.  What a good meal, I think this may be one of the best steak places North of Seattle.  Thanks for a very good dinner and very good time. 

Monday found us back at the Reef for their senior buffet lunch with 55% off the price, comes to about $5/person.  We met our friends Ray/Barb and their friend from Seattle Tom/his wife (sorry but I can’t remember her name now) there.  Rick/Joy and Rob/Norma came along also so we once again had a very good time with lots of good conversation and laughter.  Later some of the gals went to town to pick up Lorraine’s glasses and do some shopping.  Rick gave me a ride to Costco so I could pick up my glasses too.

Tuesday evening John/Thelma came over to our coach.  We actually met our Canadian friends through them so of course they wanted to stop by and see them too.  We ended up having a good visit with lots of laughter once again. 

Wednesday morning was moving day for us, all of 5 miles back to 100 Trails/Naco here in Birch Bay.  Once we picked out a likely spot, we checked for satellite coverage and got settled in.   Lorraine was in a cleaning mood, I shook out the rugs and mopped the floor and tried to stay out of her way.  Later we met with some of my ex-coworkers for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  We had a very good time with Glen/Jan, Steve/Lin and Bruce/Karen and a good meal.  Thanks for picking up the tab Steve, that was very nice of you. 

After dinner we stopped by Steve/Lin’s beautiful house to continue our visit.  They are considering buying either a newer 5th wheel or a motor home so they can travel more.  We gave them our ideas and suggestions and wish them well on their new purchase.  I also tried to convince them to meet us down South this winter but don’t think they can work it out this year, maybe next. 

Thursday Lorraine wanted to go shopping, yippy for me, right?  But first we stopped by to see Rob/Norma.  They have finished the landscaping and Rob had picked up the material to redo the roof on their storage building.  Somehow I was able to get Norma to go shopping with Lorraine while I stayed to “help” Rob on his roofing job.  We managed to finish up just as the gals were returning from their shopping trip.  Later we went to dinner with them before calling it a full day.  And once again Rob, it wasn’t necessary for you to pick up the tab although we appreciate it. 

Friday morning Lorraine had her follow-up visit with our new doctor.  During her first visit they found she needed a few more blood tests and this visit was to go over the results of those test.  Almost everything was fine, especially the fact her liver tests were all good to great.  The only issue was her cholesterol was elevated a bit.  After going over the different treatments they decided to try a new prescription for her, with a follow-up blood test in three months.  We will be in California by then so they will send the results to her doctor for review and any changes if needed.   

Friday afternoon a couple more of my ex-coworkers came by the coach for visit.  We had a good time visiting with Bob and Joe/Alice.  Between us we have over 90 years experience working at the refinery so we’ve know each other for a long time.  We did have a good time reminiscing about old times and old friends.  We also made plans to get together with some more of our coworkers on Monday evening over dinner. 

We broke up our meeting too soon because Lorraine and I had plans to go to Rob/Norma’s place for dinner.  After dinner we once again headed out to the casino for a couple hours of slot play.  This time I was good, I didn’t play any machines, only people watched.  I did offer to split a $2300 jackpot with a guy who won but for some reason he didn’t want to share.  Some people huh?

Saturday found us once again meeting with Richard/Sandy, this time at the Ferndale Street Fair.  Boy has this event grown over the years.  There are lots of display, product and food booths plus they have bands playing.   They also had a car show, some really nice ones were out this time.  We also met some other friends who were there but boy was it crowed with lots of people.  Later we went by Richard/Sandy’s house for a Bar-B-Q and to watch the Seahawks play their third pre-season game. 

So that brings us up-to-date for another week.  We don’t have too much planned this week but if the last three weeks are any indication, we will find something to keep us busy.  We may move back to Beachwood before Labor Day or we can stay here and move there after Labor Day, we will play that by ear I guess. 

We don’t know how long we will stay in this area, I’m guessing mid-September.  And we haven’t decided on the route we will be taking when we do leave.  We are both starting to get “hitch itch” and are ready to get back on the road.  And of course, we are missing our daughter and grand daughter, our next scheduled stop.  Lorraine saw them in April for our grand daughter’s 5th birthday, I haven’t seen them since last Christmas. 

At this point I usually add a few pictures of our week.  This time I’m having problems with my computer and the SD card from our camera so I can’t add any.  But if I were able, you would see pictures of our friends, our dinner at the steakhouse and some cars from the car show.  So with that, maybe you can just picture them in your mind, ha. 

And with that, I’ll stop now and get this posted.   ‘Till next time    Chuck

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Still in Blaine, Washington


Sunday, August 22, 2010                                                                                                 Lorraine’s report

Another week here at Beachwood in Blaine, WA, and was it as busy as ever.

Last Sunday we were invited by Chuck’s old crew (“D Shift”) at BP to go to the plant for brunch and a visit. I know Chuck really enjoyed his time visiting with all the guys he worked with before he retired, and so did I. It’s so great to see how much they all have learned, and to see how confident they are on the job. Thank you all for inviting us, we loved visiting with all of you!

Monday found us headed to the first of our new family doctors visits. Chuck went in Monday afternoon and spent about an hour going over tests, and his concerns with our new doctor. What a nice change from the last doctor; we went in and you could only go over three things with that doc, then he told you to make another appointment.

He didn’t have time for anything else, even though I scheduled time when I made the appointment. This new doctor listened, was very thorough and he cared.

We came back home and went over to Rob and Norma’s, and found Rob, his son, Sean, and our friend, Rick planting a privacy hedge, so Chuck stayed and help plant the rest. He was over there several hours planting. I came home and watched a movie.

Tuesday was my turn to visit the new family doctor. He told us he had spent two plus hours the week before going over my chart before I even went in. Since I hadn’t done a fasting blood test, I would have to do that, and then go back in for all the results.

Afterwards we ran into a coworker of Chuck’s, Bob, it was nice to see him. He told us about finding the daughter of a long lost co-worker, Dan Jackson. She was working at a bank across the street, so we went over there and she called her dad, who was in Oklahoma, and handed the phone to Chuck. They visited a bit and exchanged addresses.

When we started the day, never in our wildest dreams did we think we would find and talk with Dan Jackson.

The next day Chuck took me into the lab for my fasting blood test, and then we had breakfast. We had shopping and errands to run, then home. Afterwards, we headed out to the Northwest Washington Fair, which was going on all week. It was the fair’s 100th Birthday. Was it ever crowded and busy, it was hard to walk around with so many people. We ran into several friends, we saw Breta and John Brown, John and Paula Dahm, while there plus many others.

We came home and here came a knock on the door. It was friends, Ray and Barb Kendall. They saw us the other day when they were looking for a site here at Beachwood and we were coming out of Rick/Joy’s rig. They came in and spent several hours visiting. We made plans to go to lunch with them the next day.

Thursday Ray and Barb came over and we went to lunch with them. We then came back here and visited some more. We know Ray and Barb from Susy, our daughter’s Rainbow Girls. Katie and Susy were in Rainbow together and are good friends. We spent the whole day catching up, having B-B-Q, then an evening of Pass the Love. What a great visit.

Friday found us visiting Rick/Joy, and Rob/Norma before we headed into town dropping off stuff for other tests. While in town, we had a call from more friends, Sharon and TJ, whose lot we stayed on the first year we were in Yuma. They were expecting Larry and Kathy, who own the lot next door to them in Yuma, and wanted us to stop by for a visit with them all.

We finished our running and stopped by to see Sharon/TJ, and Larry/Kathy. Again, it was great to catch up and visit with such good friends. Thank you!

Friday night we were taking my sister and BIL, Thelma and John out to dinner at the Silver Reef. Joining us were Rick/Joy, Joy’s mother, Gwen; Rob/Norma, their son Sean, and DIL, Rick/Joy’s daughter, Gail and Rick/Joy’s son and his wife, Mark and his spouse, (sorry I didn’t catch her name). We had a wonderful meal. Good food, great friends, you can’t ask for more.

While I was getting ready for dinner, Chuck had taken Misty dog for a walk. He started talking with a couple parked right behind our rig; and found out that they were from Ketchikan, Alaska. He brought them over and come to find out that her dad owned Wingrens grocery store where my mother got our groceries. Their names are Rick and Elizabeth Kometz, and I had gone to school with Rick’s sister, Kathy. It sure is a small world out there.

Saturday found me in the kitchen preparing the food I was taking to my sister’s 45th Anniversary party. What a great day we had with my sister and her family. There was tons of food, great drinks, and lots of laughter; you couldn’t ask for more. A grand time was had by all.

I have to say this week found the weather a whole lot cooler. It’s like they turned off a light switch. The temperatures dropped from high to mid 70’s during the day to the mid 60’s with lows down to the low 50’. Chuck gave in on Thursday morning and put on jeans and shoes and socks, the first time since April.

That’s it for me for now. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all our family and friends. I needed this! Thank you everyone.

Until next time………..Lorraine


8/22/10                                                                                                                                Chuck’s report

Boy, we usually don’t spend this much time in one place and we’re still keeping busy!  Once again we were on the go almost everyday, mostly visiting with our friends over lunch or dinner somewhere.  I need to stop having food at every meeting, I’m putting on too much weight.

Let’s see, last Sunday Lorraine and I were invited to the refinery for a brunch with my old crew.  What a great time we had but those guys remember lots of things I never did or said.  Don’t know where they get that kind of stuff from.  Thanks Dorothy and all the guys, we had a great time with all of you. 

Monday was my turn to go to the doctor.  We changed doctors this year and found a good one.  He was very good explaining all the blood test results, listened to my concerns and asked good questions.  We were with him just less than an hour and he didn’t seem to be worried or hurried, guess he scheduled enough time for an initial visit.  Anyway, I’m good to go for another year, only added one new prescription and refilled my old ones. 

Later that evening we went over to visit with Rob/Norma at their new rig.  They own a lot here and he and his son and friend Rick were planting some trees to make a border.  Norma was out with their grand daughters so I offered to lend a hand planting the trees and Lorraine went back to our coach.  Rob is a real task master, kept us working until after dark but we got finished.  Looks good.

Next morning it was Lorraine’s turn to visit our new doctor.  Once again, he proved to be a good listener but when he got to the blood test results, he found Lorraine didn’t have all the tests she needed so he ordered more and we made another appointment to go over them later this week.  So far though, no problems to report here either.  We did take her new prescriptions and checked Wal-Mart to see if any of them were in the $4/month list.  We were pleasantly surprised to find all of them were on their list.  So now, besides being cheaper, we can fill her prescriptions while on the road at any Wal-Mart and not have to mess with mail order, yea. 

After leaving the doctor, we drove over to the grocery store across the street where we happened to meet an old co-worker of mine, Bob.  We had a good time visiting and he introduced us to the daughter of a friend I haven’t seen in years.  She was able to call her dad in Oklahoma and let me talk to him and his wife.  Now that I know where he lives now we will make plans to see them next time we are in their area. 

Next morning Lorraine had her blood drawn for her new tests and this was a fasting blood draw so afterwards we went to breakfast.  We stopped by Costco and Albertson to get some stuff, off loaded them at the coach and then headed out to the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden.  The fair has big name entertainers every year, they had Kenny Rogers playing later that day.  We couldn’t get tickets which was probably just fine as it was way too crowded for me.  We looked around for a few hours then came back to the coach.

Later that evening, our friends Barb/Raymond came over for a visit.  We visited until bedtime and made plans to meet with them for lunch the next day.  While at lunch we made plans to get together for a Bar-B-Q at our place later in the day.  Once again, we had a good time visiting with them until time to cook, ate then visited once again while we taught them a card game. 

Friday we got a call from our friends TJ/Sharon.  They have a home close by and their neighbors from Yuma, Larry/Kathy, were going to come by and they wanted us to go to lunch with them.  We already had plans for lunch but were able to stop by for couple of hours.  We got caught up with the happenings of both these couples and promised to see them this winter when we are in Yuma. 

Later we went to a casino for an early 45th wedding anniversary dinner for John/Thelma.  Our mutual friends who are down from Canada, Rick/Joy and her mother Gail met us there to join us for dinner.  Small world that it is, some of our other Canadian friends, Rob/Norma and their son/daughter and spouses, happened to be at the next table and joined us in wishing them a Happy Anniversary.  A good meal, a good time with good friends and celebrating a happy occasion.  I guess we will have to make plans to be back here in five years for their 50th.

Saturday was John/Thelma’s actual anniversary day so they were having their children, spouses and grand children over for a continued celebration.  They invited us over to their house to join them also.  We had a good time with all of them. 

After such a busy week, we were both tired and called it a night a bit earlier than normal.  Lorraine was right when she said we should stay here longer this year.  We’ve been busy with family and friends and this week will probably be more of the same. 

We will be meeting our friends Richard/Sandy for dinner this evening and so far that’s our only scheduled meeting for this week.  Our Canadian friends will be returning home this week and we will try to spend some time with them while they are here.  We will be moving back to 1000 Trials campground as our two weeks here will be up on Wednesday.  Lorraine has her follow-up doctor visit on Friday morning but we don’t expect any bad news this time either. 

We will be staying in the area until Lorraine’s last doctor visit, scheduled for Sept. 9th.  One of the camping groups we joined, Lewis and Clark Chapter of FMCA, are having a rally in Chehalis, Washington starting the 9th.  Although we would would like to see them, we don’t think we will be able to attend, the timing just doesn’t work for us. 

There are a few more things we need to do while we are here.  We still need to go through a few more storage areas in the coach to lighten the load.  I want to get Misty to the vet for a checkup and her shots, we need to see our financial advisor and the coach needs a good wash, maybe even a wax job.  And we still have a number of friends we need to contact to catch up on their lives too. 

September can be very nice around here, at least until the fall rains start.  We would like to be on the road before the rains start so if anyone has any inside information, please let us know.   We don’t have a firm time for leaving here yet so will play it by ear. 

But enough of that, I’ll add some pictures and get this posted. 

Rob (you can let your breath out now),  Norma in their new, very nice, 5th wheel. 

DSCN1417 DSCN1419

Their son, Scott and Daughter-in-law, Gail.


Folks from work, Steve, Dorothy.

DSCN1440 DSCN1450

Micah, Mathue.

DSCN1442 DSCN1443

Lucas, Cary.

DSCN1445 DSCN1446

and last but not least, Beau.  We had pictures of others but they didn’t turn out too well, sorry Clay.


Quilts at the fair.

DSCN1456  DSCN1457

DSCN1458 DSCN1459


A display by the Grange.


Some of the draft horses. 

DSCN1468 DSCN1473


Sunset over Birch Bay. 

DSCN1494 DSCN1496

DSCN1500 DSCN1503

DSCN1519 DSCN1512

Barb/Ray, our friends we met when our daughters were in Rainbow years ago. 


Kathy/Larry, we met them in Yuma three years ago.  They happened to be in town.


Sharon and TJ, we stayed on their lot in Yuma for a month two years ago. 

DSCN1525 DSCN1526

At buffet with Rick and his wife Joy. 

DSCN1529 DSCN1530

Lorraine, Joy’s mother Gail and Joy.  Thelma/John. 

DSCN1532 DSCN1535

Thelma/John and Lorraine and me.


At John/Thelma’s next day.  Kerri, Michelle and Joshua.  John and Paul.

DSCN1538 DSCN1539

Ashley and Thelma.

DSCN1542 DSCN1543

Carl and Rose. 

DSCN1544 DSCN1548

Thanks   Chuck

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Third week in Blaine, Washington


Saturday afternoon, August                                                                                              Lorraine’s report

Hello from Beachwood in sunny Birch Bay, WA. We moved this week, our time was up at 1000 trails, so we loaded up the rig and moved here on Wednesday morning. Thanks to John, our BIL who signed us in here for two weeks. We appreciate it.

Since last weekend we have been busy again, doing the doctor thing. Sunday we took it easy and rested, did the blog and just vegged out.

Monday, Chuck took me into see my oncology doctor, Dr. Wm Rubin. After catching him up on my health problems for the last year, we proceeded with the current stuff. My blood tests were good. I told him I had come off my one chemo drug, Femara, in June, and he said that since it looked like I was okay with this, okay. There could be consequences for this decision, he said. I told him I couldn’t take anymore back pain, which was a side affect from the pill.  Also, a side affect was not being able to go to sleep until 1-2 am, for the past ten years.  I now can fall asleep in the car, riding in the coach, and am able to go to bed and fall right asleep instead of tossing and turning until early morning.  I think I missed sleeping easily the most.

So now I’m off that nasty drug, I don’t have to see my doctor for a year, and I’ll still need to get a mammogram every year. Yea!!

The last doctor visit we have scheduled is my mammogram, which I will have on the 9th of September, a year and a day after I had the test last year. The x-ray center called and said I could have the test earlier, but that I would have to pay $430.00 up front for them to do it. Otherwise, insurance would cover it a year and a day after the last test. So I cancelled my earlier test date and took the later one.

Tuesday was cleaning, changing sheets, laundry. We would be moving here to Beachwood, and the chances of getting 50 amps, was pretty remote. As it is, we were happy to find full hookups here.  Afterwards, Chuck took us into town and we checked out the price of eyeglasses at different stores. What a big difference in prices among the various stores.

Wednesday was moving day and we were here at Beachwood by 9:30 with the coach, looking for a place to park the rig. All the 50 amp sites were taken. As I said before, we were happy to find a 30 amp with water/sewer.

Following that, I called my hair dresser and got in to have my hair done. My normal gal did it, the same way she normally does, but I don’t like the color she uses. It’s different!

Joy and Rick, friends from Squamish, BC came into Beachwood around 3 pm or so. They found us after they found a spot to set up their fifth wheel. It was great to see them again.

They set up their rig, and while they were setting up, Rob and Norma, who traveled with us to Alaska last summer, got home from getting groceries and shopping. We were happy to see them again.

We all met up at Norma and Rob’s new rig. Of course we were thrilled to tour their rig. When Rob/Norma got back from the Alaska trip, they took their rig to their dealer to have some unresolved work done. While it was in the dealer’s locked lot, a homeless person broke into 15 or so rigs on the lot and totally destroyed those rigs, smashing everything in sight, stealing what he could. He was caught, but not before doing all that damage.

Rob and Norma sure had a time with that old rig, getting it fixed. I’m happy they found a beautiful new rig and are much happier with this unit than the old one.

Norma fed us chicken pasta parmesan for dinner. We all were happy to be back together again and enjoyed each others company.

Thursday found us headed back into town, early to check out eyeglass prices at other stores.

We then had our eye exams with our new eye doctor. We came right home after that, having your eyes dilated and being in the bright sun hurts. We came right home, closed all the shades and took a nap.

Rob/Norma came over to see if we wanted to head up to Northwood Casino for the $3.00 pasta/pizza buffet. We went along and had a great time.

Friday found us headed into town to order our new glasses. Chuck got his ordered from Costco for half the price of mine. Costco didn’t have a frame that felt comfortable on me, so I ordered mine from Sears.

Friday evening was the big Arco annual picnic, of course now it is BP. But on Friday nights, they have hot dogs/hamburgers/ice cream/etc. There is also the chili cook off and the pie judging contest. We were once again pie judges; there were 16 different pies this year to decide on.

It was great to see all of Chuck’s former co-workers and to catch up on their lives. We really had a great time with them all and look forward to seeing them again before we leave. Thank you all.

Today I had more shopping and now I’m writing this so we can do other things tomorrow.

I want to wish my sister, Thelma and her husband, John a very happy 45th Anniversary on Saturday, next weekend.  She had just turned 17 a couple of weeks before she got married.  She just turned 62 .  That is a long time being married, and I would like to wish them the best, they have all our love.

So that was our week. Until next time….Lorraine


8/15/10                                                                                                                         Chuck’s report

We had another semi-quiet week once again, starting to like these. 

Lorraine had a visit with her Oncologist doctor on Monday, once again all good news.  It’s been ten years since her cancer treatment and they classify 5 years as a cure.  But she still has to see this doctor every year.  Last year he said if we couldn’t make it back to see him to find a different doctor.  This year he said if we didn’t make it back in a year to make sure to see him the following year.  So, like I said earlier, all good news. 

Wednesday we moved from 1000 trails to Beachwood, about five miles down the road.  Our brother-in-law is a member of this park and we are able to get in under his membership for two weeks.  We have been here before but haven’t seen it as busy as it now.  We were able to get full hookups but only with 30 amp electric service; there are probably 50 rigs boondocking without any services so it could be much worse. 

Every time we went to town we checked prices and supply for eyeglasses around town.  We elected to not purchase vision insurance when we retired so we were looking for good glasses at the best price.  Unfortunately, the place we got our glasses for the last 15 or so years couldn’t meet the price of other suppliers in town so he was out of the running early. 

We got our eye exams on Thursday and had our eyes dilated as part of the procedure.   They gave us those chinsey sunglasses to wear home, not sure how much they helped but we made it with no problems.  Once we were back at the coach we closed the blinds and stayed out of the sun until our eyes returned back to normal.  

We ordered our glasses on Friday, Lorraine’s from Sears, mine from Costco.  They both should be ready in 10 days.  Another project marked off our to-do list while we are back here. 

Some of our friends from Canada are also here in the park the same time as us.  Rob/Norma, who went to Alaska with us last year and Rick/Joy.  Rob/Norma’s son, Shaun and Rick/Joy’s daughter,Gail, are married and have two little girls.  They arrived last night while we were at Rick/Joy’s coach so we were able to meet them too.  It was fun to see the girls get out to see both of their grandmothers and grandfathers.   Their children live about 900 miles North in Kitamack, BC so they don’t get to see them as much as they would like. 

Thursday Rick/Joy drove Rob/Norma and us to the casino for a $3 buffet.  This was a pasta type buffet with pizza, not my favorite but I have to admit it was good.  But I also must admit it cost us a bit more than $3 after we were done with the slots.   

Friday, after we ordered our glasses, we went to the Annual ARCO employees picnic.  Retirees and families are also able to attend.  This is a two day affair, Friday is the Chili cook-off, pie judging contest, home brew beer contest and of course, hot dogs and hamburgers.  They also bring out their classic cars for a car show.  Later they had a couple of movies playing for the kids and live band playing for a few hours. 

We got there in time to taste the chili from each of the booths, some were really good, others --- well, lets say they weren’t my type or taste.  Everyone gets to vote for the best booth, best salsa and people’s choice chili.  They also have judges that vote for their favorite chili but the coveted award is people’s choice.  I have been on a couple of chili teams that won that award although I wasn’t the chief cook for either of them. 

Lorraine and I were both able to once again be judges for the pie contest.  The employees wanting to be in the contest have to bake two pies, one for the silent auction and one for eating at the picnic.  This year the judging was done a bit different than normal but we were still able to pick our favorites.  I think they gave out 8 top prize ribbons, just like at the county fair. 

But the best part of the afternoon was visiting with all the folks I used to work with.  There were some of the old timers there too.  The plant opened in 1971, I started working there in ‘72 and retired in ‘07 so I’ve worked with lots of people over the years.  They told me 2500 people were there last year on Friday, I would guess that many were there this year too.  I sure didn’t know or recognize all the people there but I did get to talk to quite a few. 

Saturday is the big day with all the kids games and the Bar-B-Q.  They cook a whole pig in a pit, buy a cow from one of the employees kids and cook it over an open pit, cook over 40 slabs of salmon along with chicken.  And that’s just the meat portion of the meal.  They have lots of salads and other stuff to fill out anyone’s plate.  All in all, it’s a huge undertaking. 

Lorraine and I decided not to go out on Saturday and fight the crowds again.  We had a lazy morning, later she picked up her sister and they went to Fred Meyer for a few things.  Lorraine said the check out clerk there was one of the most incompetent she’s dealt with in a while, very frustrating.  So she was glad to get back and rest for a few minutes before we went over to Rick/Joys place.

Later we returned back to our coach, Lorraine wrote her blog and I read a book.  I’m finishing up the blog this morning, will add a few pictures and get it posted. 

My old crew is working this weekend and they invited Lorraine and me to come out this morning for late brunch.  I’m really looking forward to see all the gang again.  But more on that next week. 

The weather has been just short of fabulous this week.  It has been getting pretty warm during the day (high 80s, low 90s) but it cools off nicely at night (low 60s, high 80s).  Sure better than some of the hot temperatures we were in earlier this year back East.

Our plans are for more of the same this week.  We both have visits with our new primary doctor to get out of the way.  We don’t have to move back to 1000 Trails until the following week but we may move to a different site at this park this morning.  Other than that, we will just take what each day gives us. 

Happy Anniversary to Lorraine’s sister Thelma and her husband John.  They will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary this coming Saturday.  That’s a lot of years together and we hope to be there to wish them well.  Here’s wishing you many more years together too. 

And now for some pictures, once again mostly friends and family. 


Tim with his dog, Lady.


Flower baskets in Ferndale.

DSCN1361 DSCN1363

Mount Baker


Folks at the ARCO picnic on Friday. 

 DSCN1371 DSCN1373

DSCN1374 DSCN1378

DSCN1381 DSCN1383

DSCN1387 DSCN1388

DSCN1391 DSCN1392

DSCN1393 DSCN1394

DSCN1395 DSCN1396

DSCN1397 DSCN1398

DSCN1399 DSCN1401

Birch Bay when the tide is out. 

DSCN1409 DSCN1410

DSCN1412 DSCN1413

So once again, I wish you well.  We’ve had a good week and are looking forward to having another good week with family and friends. 

Thanks   Chuck