Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter from Birch Bay, WA


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chuck and I want to wish all our family and friends a very Happy Easter and Happy Spring! We hope this finds everyone in great spirits and good health. We are still parked at Latitude 49 in Birch Bay, WA. We will be here a while yet, don’t know until when or where we will go when Chuck’s job ends .

I am happy to say that Saturday the temperature was around 62 degrees, a virtual heat wave for the area, and it didn’t even rain.  Everyone is sick and tired of the cold, wet and windy spring we have had so far. It snowed on the day I left last week. Temperatures haven’t hit normal for here and the weatherman said that this week the temps are creeping up half a degree a day for the next 7 days, great news for us and I for one am ready for it to get warmer. The trees and flowers are just now starting to bloom; it is way late for the tulip fields in Mt. Vernon, WA. They should be great this week and I hope to see them.

Chuck started his shift of straight nights for the turn around at the refinery on April 9th. He took 2 nights off on April 20 to pick me up from Bellingham’s airport, and also the 21st, and has since gone back to the old grind.  I know he is beat; he leaves for work before 5 pm and this morning he climbed into bed at 6:05 am, a long day!

I was gone for a week to see our daughter, Susy and granddaughter, Kaitlyn in Santa Clara, CA. It was Kaitlyn’s 6th birthday on April 15th. I had a great trip visiting with them. We had pictures taken of the birthday girl and our Mother’s Day picture I get of the 3 of us. We were chaperones and drivers for all her Kindergarten/grade 1 classmates to a county farm; we were there 4 hours and saw all kinds of animals. There were 2 parties for her, one for family at home and one for her classmates at Chuck E. Cheese’s, at least 15 girls and about 5 boys or more, not sure, plus all the siblings and parents. Susy and I got to spend a day shopping and then we had a pedicure and facial, fun things we like to do. Then I got to watch Kaitlyn for 2 days before I came back home. We had a wonderful time together. We colored, dyed Easter Eggs, watched TV, played at the park and of course ate together. All in all, it was a great trip for me. A great big Thank You goes out to Susy for taking such good care of me and tons of hugs and kisses to Kaitlyn for inviting me to come for a visit.

Chuck picked me up at the airport when I returned and took me to dinner on Wednesday evening. We were almost finished eating our pie when I got a call from our son, Rick. He asked where I was, I told him and it turned out he was looking for our rig, only in the wrong park. We hurried home to meet up with him. What a great surprise from him. He had come from Kenai, Alaska and was in Bellingham for a visit. I couldn’t believe it. We haven’t seen him since over a year ago in St. Augustine, Florida. What a great day for me, to see both of my children on the same day, different locations, but still the same day! What a joyous day for me! Thank you Rick!

I forgot to tell you Chuck had a very important birthday on the 10th of this month.  He is now eligible for Social Security, but won’t take it until he completes his current job. Happy 62nd Birthday, Chuck,the party at Silver Reef was lots of fun!  Let’s hope SS is around a very long while. Also, no more water problems in the coach, we took the toilet to a marine repair shop in Seattle before Chuck started on nights. Yea!

I want to add special Thanks to Tim, our friend, who took care of Misty dog for us. I know Chuck was able to sleep better and not worry about her as was I. Thanks again, Tim. We appreciated you doing this. Also, a big Thank You to Alice for driving me to the airport, I appreciated your kindness in doing this for me.

With that, I will say bye for now.

Until next time…..Lorraine



Chuck’s Birthday Party @SRC with me, Alice & Joe, & Tim


Richard & Sandy


Joy & Rick


Norma & Rob, Thelma & John, Barb & Dennis


Barb & Dennis, Chuck & me


Kaitlyn dressed for her 6th year pictures


Susy & Kaitlyn waiting for pictures


All the classmates posing, was hard to get them all to be still


Petting the big horse


On the wagon ride


The birthday girl


Kaitlyn in her Princess dress on her birthday


Nana, Mark, Kaitlyn & Susy @ Chuck E Cheese


The chaos @ Chuck E. Cheese. There were 5 other parties going on


Kaitlyn with her best friend, Grace and classmates.  Wow, what a big cake


Opening her presents


At the park with Nana


Our son, Rick


Happy Easter everyone!