Sunday, June 8, 2014

We’re in Blaine, Washington

June 8, 2014                                                                                                                               Lorraine’s report

Thanks for stopping by, so glad you found your way to us.  So it’s time to write for the blog.  Not too much has happened, we just do what most people who don’t travel anywhere do.  Your normal everyday stuff, laundry chores etc.  We have had fun with some of our friends, been to dinner or lunch or brunch.  Loved seeing each and everyone of you.  It is always nice to meet and greet our friends.  Loved catching up with your lives, and see how you are doing. 

It’s almost time for us to head north to Alaska for my high school reunion, and then on to see my son, Rick and Donna.  Thank you for all your prayers for the rain they received when the wildfire was happening there on the Kenai River.  Rick said he could see the fire and it was a short distance from where he was off his patio; he could see it jump the river and it looked like it would head his way.  Thank you for praying for it not to “take out his home.”  He was overjoyed when that didn’t happen to him.  Thanks again to the many that said they prayed for him.

So we would like to wish Joey a “Happy Graduation” .  He did great.  Congratulations to him - way to go Joey!!!

So now it’s time to go party over at Thelma & John’s for Joey’s grad party.

Hope you all have a great week…

Hugs to all,



6/8/14                                                                                                                                            Chuck’s report

Still here at Latitude 49 in Blaine, been here over a month already.  My how time flies when your having doctor visits, trips to run errands but mostly visiting with friends and family and chilling out.  And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for the past month.  Not real exciting but figure we should at least try to make a posting this week. 

Let’s see, last post was three weeks ago so should probably start there, I guess.  We had our annual review with our financial advisor and he said we are doing ok, too bad about the big downturn when we first retired as that made a HUGE difference in where we thought we would be.  But at least we are able to continue with the lifestyle we’ve chosen for us. 

Lorraine also saw her oncologist and family doctor, both gave her very good reports.  Her family doctor suggested maybe he should give her a prescription for another 18 month’s travel in our motor home and see him after that.  He did have a couple of follow up items for her to do over the next couple of weeks and we’ll work our way through those issues. 

We saw our friends from Canada, Rick and Joy, who were down for visit at their rig over at Beachwood.  They were unable to travel South this past winter so they have more days they can be in the US over the spring/summer. 

We also talked with our son in Alaska, the biggest forest fire up there was threatening his home, just over the river from them.  Luckily they didn’t have to evacuate but they were on alert and had lots of smoke over their area.  Glad everything is good up there now, however.  Still planning on being there in a month, see you soon. 

The following Sunday we went to John and Thelma’s place for Memorial day and Joshua's birthday celebration.  Once again we had a good visit all the family that was there.  As always, more than enough food and drink along with plenty of laughter and good times. 

Our long time good friends, John and Bretta came by for a visit too.  We ended this fine visit over dinner at Bob’s Burger and Brew just up the road.  When we bought our car three months ago, they informed us it was a twin to theirs, same color even so we got to see their car too.  Thanks for the visit, it was fun. 

There is an American Legion just up the road that we have never been too, don’t know why, just never stopped by I guess.  Anyway, Joe and Alice asked if we wanted to go with them for hot dogs one evening so we rode over with them.  Found out this is a very active lodge and the folks we met were friendly too.  We even met some folks we knew but guess that wasn’t too surprising. 

Saturday we drove into Lynden to meet with our friend Tim.  He had just gotten a new dog, looks a lot like his last one and laid back like her too.  We headed over to have lunch while we we were there and once again had a good visit.  He has two jeeps he is in the process of restoring and we could really see the progress since last time, the first one will be on the road soon it looks like.  Good job on it.  Tim will be watching our dog when we go to Alaska in June, he’s watched her for us before and we really appreciate it. 

This past week Lorraine had two different x-rays preformed.  The first was a bone scan to check out her bones.  The second was on her upper spine/neck to check for any issues from the whip lash she had from the wreck we were in last December, she is still having some pain.  She also saw our family doctor again and did a “core biopsy” on a suspicious growth “thing” on her chest.  We’ve gotten the results of the bone scan and she needs to increase her calcium + vitamin D. And she just got a phone call late Friday that the biopsy results was good, no cancer there, whew!  Sure is good to get good new from the doctors.

Lorraine also went to our grand nephew’s HS graduation on Friday evening.  She said it was a good one and the kids had fun.  Congrats to Joey on completing this phase of your life. 

We’ve also been to the casino a few times too.  They have senior day on Monday, the buffet is ok and seniors eat for $5, I think.  And they have Saturday champagne brunch, two for one so $8 each for that.  We didn’t know it was only for the month of May though and we went by yesterday to find it was not two for one, darn, that was a good deal. 

We haven’t seen them since our visit last month but heard from Glenn and Jan, their place here has sold and they have to be out soon.  Glad things are coming together for you two and good luck on getting everything cleaned out and finished up.  We’ll track you done soon. 

The weather here has been really nice too, we’ve had a couple of hard rain storms and a couple of days of normal, wet, windy NW weather but it seems mostly we’ve had nice days with afternoon sun.  It’s been much better than we figured it would be as this is the last of the rainy season.  We are within 1/2 mile of the bay so we get the morning clouds most every day.  The highs have been in the upper 60s, lows dropping into the 40s most days. 

Still haven’t decided on our travel plans after we leave here.  Guess I need to spend some time with a map and calendar and get on that.  We’ve been fulltiming for over 7 years and still have lots to we want to see and do in the USA yet.  I know we will never get to it all but it’s sure fun trying!

Lorraine has taken a few pictures the past three weeks, guess I’ll go through them and see which ones I want to add here. 

Thanks  Chuck

Canadian friends Joy and Rick, Joy sitting with Lorraine. 

DSCN4304 DSCN4306 

Friends John and Bretta.  They also have a silver GMC Terrain, cool.

DSCN4311 DSCN4312 

Graduation for Joey, grand nephew. 

DSCN4324 DSCN4330 

Joey with his grand mother on right. 

RSCN4322 DSCN4339 


Thanks   Chuck